Review- ‘Adamantium Agenda’ #3

Recap – “Years Ago, Wolverine was part of a team of Avengers with Iron Man, Spider-Man, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. They discovered a bomb that was specially rigged only to explode when a person activated it. Wolverine elected to activate the bomb to dispose of it for good, blowing himself up in the process. Today, Wolverine’s body is missing from its final resting place. Iron Man has assembled Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Spider-Man to covertly attend a private underworld auction where Wolverine’s body may be for sale. Much to Luke and Jessica’s dismay, the first auction item is the DNA sequence of their daughter Danielle! It’s owner, Mister Sinister, arrived to reclaim the genetic material, but was met by Laura Kinney aka Wolverine.”

The issue opens in the past after the bomb blast. The radiation level is dissipating at a rapid rate. Iron Man and Wolverine are talking to one another. Wolverine and Tony talk about the Civil War between Tony and Steve Rogers and how the New Avengers must stick together no matter the cost. Wolverine is about to tell Tony what happened at the disaster site. Tony’s face goes from calm and collected to wide eyed shock.

Next, the issue jumps back to the present. Mister Sinister is after the henchman who betrayed him and a battle ensues. Tony tells his teammates that they can’t afford another hull breach. As Mister Sinister goes to grab his former lackey, X-23 cuts off Sinister’s other hand.  Mister Sinister teleports away. Tony instructs Spider-Man and Jessica to round up the people on the sub for safety’s sake. Iron Man is able to lift the sub above the water.

The South Korean NIS helicarrier is seen above the submarine. Tony called them in before the group made their way on the submarine. All the villains on board are rounded up.  Tony asks the general on deck to speak to one person: Mr. Sinister’s henchman.

The henchman is interviewed by the group and tells him his name is Declan Fay. Mister Sinister has compiled a database of DNA at his base of operations on the Kerguelen Islands also known as the Desolation Islands.

Tony formulates a plan to make it onto the islands to locate and infiltrate Mister Sinister’s stronghold, including giving each hero their own personal suit of armor for the mission. Once inside Mister Sinister’s lab, the heroes discover that Minister Sinister not only has super hero DNA but the genetic makeup of every single person on the planet!

I have a feeling that the bomb detonation is going to be tied into Tony/Stark Industries somehow.  I think the deal made was that Wolverine would keep this a secret from the rest of his fellow New Avengers and Tony would keep his end of the bargain to make sure Wolverine’s corpse was never taken and used as a weapon against his fellow heroes.  I’m looking forward to Issue #4 to see what master plan Mister Sinister has in store with all the world’s DNA at his fingertips!

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