Review-‘Adamantium Agenda’ #4

Recap – “Years ago, Wolverine was part of a team of Avengers with Iron Man, Spider-Man, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. They discovered a bomb that was specially rigged only to explode only when a person activated it. Wolverine elected to activate the bomb to dispose of it for good, blowing himself up in the process.  Today, Wolverine’s body is missing from its final resting place. Iron Man has assembled Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Spider-Man to covertly attend a private underworld auction where Wolverine’s body might be for sale. Much to Luke and Jessica’s dismay, it was their daughter’s DNA up for auction! The DNA sample had come from Mister Sinister’s massive genetic database!”

In the past, Logan tells Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones that he asked Tony to look over his body in the event of his death.  The trio ask after the events of the super-hero Civil War if they can trust Tony. Logan says we can and thinks a minute, and says he’s about 80 percent sure they can trust Tony.  Spider-Man, Jessica, and Luke are the insurance that Tony keeps his word.

In the present, the heroes try to decide what to do with the immense collection of DNA. X-23 wants to destroy everything but Tony disagrees with her. Spider-Man determines that it’s not the entire world’s DNA as mutants are not counted among the collection.  Spider-Man and X-23 both sense that something is coming and the foursome encounter resistance from armed henchman but take them down easily.

A little too easily. X-23 smells something behind a door and it’s revealed everyone at the complex has been killed once the foursome make their way into the room.  Among the deceased staff, the heroes find soldiers with weird insignias on their uniforms.  Looking around, they find a giant computer database that contains the digital DNA information of the world’s mutants.  After decrypting and reviewing information on the computer, Tony discovers that it’s been copied recently. The heroes continue to debate what to do with all the DNA they found when Sinister teleports into the stronghold.

Sinister arrives and begins to fight the heroes as he tells them that a kill team was the one that stole the digital DNA and admits that Logan’s body was never there to begin with.  Sinister appeals to the scientist part of Tony to not destroy the database by saying, “You have to see the potential.”

This triggers a flashback to Tony’s conversation with Logan.  Logan tells Tony that before he triggered the bomb, he found a Stark Industries logo on it.  Tony tells Logan that he came up with the designs for the bomb but never actually had them produced and that the designs were stolen.  Logan tells Tony if any of the superhero community finds out that the bomb was tied to Stark Industries, it will spell the end of the Avengers and Tony.  Logan uses this bargaining chip to make Tony make and keep the promise about Logan’s body, if it ever comes to that. Logan’s advice for Tony: see people before potential.

Tony decides to destroy the digital mutant database before the heroes leave the island en masse.  The heroes return to Jessica and Luke’s apartment. Danny Rand was babysitting Danielle during this adventure. As the heroes catch their breath, Tony tells them he found two things of note on Sinister’ s database. One of the files Tony decrypted was on X-23. X-23 is not a clone of Wolverine. Wolverine is her father and Sarah Kinney is her mother. X-23 was conceived naturally and not in a lab like she was told. The other file was on a member of the X-men. One of the X-men isn’t a mutant. One of the X-men was genetically altered to appear as a mutant and is a sleeper agent in the ranks of the X-men!

Final Thoughts- It was nice to see the mini- New Avengers reunion and have them pitted against Mr. Sinister. My hunch about the bomb was correct and that put a smile on my face.  The new status quo of Laura’s parentage will send shockwaves throughout the next few months which will hopefully be addressed in the new X-23 ongoing and the recently announced Wolverine series.  I’m curious to see who has infiltrated the X-men and I hope the reveal is spectacular and not a dud or seems forced.

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