Review- ‘Claws of a Killer’ #3

Recap – ” When an attempt to steal Wolverine’s corpse went wrong, a closely held secret began to leak out: Logan’s body is missing. The mysterious circumstances have piqued the interest of several of his enemies. Daken, Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth have followed the trail of Logan’s Adamantium skeleton to a seemingly abandoned desert town where a mysterious organization is conducting experiments…causing vicious zombies to attack!”

Daken survives his jump through the window from the building he escaped from last issue. He picks himself up off the ground and encounters a group of zombies. He starts taking them on one by one until a large contingent of the undead overwhelm him. He runs away and finds safety on the roof of a nearby building.  The roof gives way and he falls in the garage where Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth were hiding from the flesh eaters.

Daken tells Deathstrike and Sabretooth what he learned while being held captive: about Soteira, about the strange device with the green glow and how it might be affecting their healing factors, slowly killing them, and how there is absolutely no sign of Wolverine in Maybelle.

Sabretooth thinks they should find a way out of their predicament and leave town immediately. Daken counters by saying they should go back to the building and destroy the device because if the device isn’t destroyed “they’re charcoal”.

2 soldiers track the trio to the garage and shoot it until a hole forms in the garage door. Daken, Sabretooth, and Daken leave out of the newly formed exit and come out claws blazing taking out zombie after zombie before the soldiers interfere with the villains’ berserker rage mode.

Lady Deathstrike slashes one of the soldier’s covered faces, revealing him to be her long dead father.  He’s about to kill Deathstrike until Daken intervenes on her behalf.

It is revealed that the other soldier is Sabretooth’s long dead son, Graydon Creed. Daken is run through by Deathstrike’s father’s sword, who says “he will be useful.” Sabretooth grabs ahold of Daken’s limp body and retreats.

Daken seemingly succumbs to his injuries. Sabretooth asks his son, “What are you doing here Graydon?” Graydon’s response is “Clean Sweep T-Minus 15 Minutes”.

Lady Deathstrike’s father was a man called Lord Dark Wind and I have provided a link to the Marvel Wiki in case you’d like to read more about him.

What is the secret of Lord Dark Wind and Graydon Creed’s resurrection? Are Daken and Deathstrike dead? Will the bad guys make it out of town before the clean sweep? The solicitation for Issue #4: WILL TIME RUN OUT? The clock is ticking as Sabretooth, Daken and Deathstrike slice their way through the leagues of the undead in search of Logan. They won’t all make it out alive.

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