Review-‘Claws of A Killer’ #4

Writer: Mariko Tamaki

Artist: Butch Guice

Recap – “When an attempt to steal Wolverine’s corpse went wrong, a closely held secret began to leak out: Logan’s body is missing. The mysterious circumstances piqued the interest of several of his enemies. Daken, Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth have followed the trail of Logan’s Adamantium skeleton to a desert town where an organization called Soteira has been conducting experiments. When those experiments went wrong, everyone in the town became a vicious zombie- bad timing for the group, as their healing factors are broken. Now, as Soteira prepares to destroy the town, Daken is dead, and Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth are seeing ghosts from their pasts…..”

This issue opens with Sabretooth fighting his son, Graydon. Sabretooth is looking for answers but Graydon isn’t offering any, instead taking Sabretooth to the woodshed. Deathstrike finally realizes it was her father’s adamantium signature that led the trio of villains to the town of Maybelle. During the showdown between father and daughter, a Soteira report is broadcast stating the clean sweep will commence in t-minus seven minutes. Deathstrike and her father go toe to toe and her father ends up taking one of her hands; her immediate reaction – stabbing her father through the throat with her razor-sharp fingers.

Graydon is mopping the floor with Sabretooth until Deathstrike makes the save and kills Graydon. As time begins to run out, Sabretooth and Deathstrike make it to the location housing the transmitter. Overhead, helicopters are seen entering Maybelle airspace, just as Sabretooth destroys the device.

The kill team arrives onsite and gives the following set rep: “Maybelle, Arizona -Test 127- Day 8- experiment failure – new asset acquired.” That asset- Daken’s body!

The issue ends with Sabretooth and Deathstrike on the road, having escaped Maybelle just in time before the kill team arrived. Their destination unknown at this time.

Final Thoughts-  I really enjoyed this miniseries as it shone the spotlight on the bad guys!  As a horror fan, I loved that zombies were featured as the antagonists in the story and how they could do damage to the healing factor of these unkillable villains.  Some questions remain at the end- what was the overall objective in Maybelle? Deathstrike’s father and Graydon said that Sabretooth and Deathstrike “would be useful.” In what capacity?  Daken’s body is now in the custody of Soteira, will he be resurrected and used to stop Wolverine or will be become their lackey like Wolverine?

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