Review – ‘ Mystery in Madripoor’ #1

This week, there’s a Mystery in Madripoor and the X-Women are on the case.

Recap – “When an attempt to steal Wolverine’s corpse went wrong, a closely held secret began to leak out: Logan’s body is missing. Now, his closest confidants – teammates, lovers, proteges—search for answers.”

The story opens with a flashback to Psylocke and Wolverine sparring with each other during a training session some time ago.

Present day, Psylocke, Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, Storm, and Rogue are on the X-men’s Blackbird, piloted by Domino, traveling to Madripoor to follow a lead on Wolverine. Kitty believes that the X-men’s oldest enemy, Magneto, is in possession of Wolverine’s body. As the jet lands in Madripoor, they are confronted by the prime suspect himself! After a brief confrontation (watched by a mysterious woman), Magneto and the X- Women agree to meet later that night.

The women go to Wolverine’s old hot spot in Madripoor that he once owned when he was undercover in his ‘Patch’ persona.  They meet Mr. Halliday and after a brief interaction, the women are shown a secret room in the bar.  This room holds some of Wolverine’s belongings and artifacts he has accumulated in his long life. There are 3 brief flashbacks featuring Storm, Rogue, and Psylocke and their own personal recollections of Logan.

Soon the women attend their meeting with Magneto and before long, they realize- it’s a trap.

Does Magneto derail the hunt for Wolverine or will the sultry, smart sextet overcome the Master of Magnetism?  These answers will surely be answered in the next issue!

Writer Jim Zub and artist Thony Silas give the ladies their time to shine in this miniseries. The group Zub brings together is fun, feisty, and fearless.  The superheroines each had a special place in Wolverine’s life and it’s nice to see how they each affected Logan in their own way.  It’s nice to see the other layers to Wolverine- he was a complicated man and nobody understood him but his women…. like SHAFT!

My personal ranking of the miniseries released thus far:

  • Weapon Lost
  • Claws of the Killer
  • Mystery in Madripoor
  • Adamantium Agenda

We get a breather next Wednesday May 30th and in two weeks, on June 6th, ‘Weapon Lost’ #2 will be released.

A HOT LEAD ON LOGAN! DAREDEVIL and his squad of ace detectives – FRANK McGEE, MISTY KNIGHT and CYPHER – continue their search for the missing WOLVERINE, hoping to stir up a lead by questioning folks in the MARVEL UNIVERSE who might have a grudge against Logan. In other words… half the MARVEL UNIVERSE! But when their investigation hits pay dirt, the squad starts to think they might just wrap things up more quickly than they ever imagined. Cover Price $3.99

‘Mystery in Madripoor’ #2 will be released on June 27, 2018.