Review- ‘Mystery in Madripoor’ #3

Recap – “When an attempt to steal Wolverine’s corpse went wrong, a closely held secret began to leak out: Logan’s body is missing. Psylocke, Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, Storm, Rogue and Domino have banded together to track it down. Their search led them to Madripoor and into the clutches of Viper and the Femme Fatales! With Psylocke, Rogue, Storm and Magneto captured, Domino, Kitty, and Jubilee have located an associate of Viper’s who will lead them deeper into her operation…”

The issue opens with Domino reminiscing about her time with Wolverine; the times they fought on the battlefield together and the quieter moments between the two.

In the present, Domino is taking Stenya to the launch pad where the satellite they are trying to stop is located. Their mission is to make sure it isn’t launched.

Viper speaks to a henchman via hologram.  The henchman tells Viper that Soteira insists the timeline of the satellite launch remains intact which is before sunrise, even though the weather is causing a delay in the plan. Soteira also wants the X-ladies included in the delivery.

Sapphire busts through the door as the conversation Viper had ends.  Sapphire is being pursued by Patch but she is the only one who can see Logan.

Meanwhile, Kitty and Jubilee infiltrate Viper’s lair looking to rescue Storm and Rogue. The duo ambush Mindblast and Knockout. Kitty phases through Mindblast’s body, disrupting the villainess’ circuitry and damaging her upgraded psychic enhancements.  Magneto is freed from his imprisonment and begins to attack his captor.

Domino reaches the launch site and sees that Rogue and Storm are being loaded onto the satellite.  Before Domino can act, Stenya is stabbed from behind by Bloodlust. Bloodlust and Domino begin Round 2 of their fight.

Kitty and Jubilee stop Magneto’s rampage and tell him they need to find Domino immediately. As Domino and Bloodlust continue fighting each other, Viper initiates the launch sequence of the satellite- commencing in 30 seconds. Jubilee, Kitty, and Magneto make it to the launch pad with 18 seconds left of the countdown.

The issue ends with Sapphire still fighting the phantom Patch as Betsy’s voice is heard and Sapphire’s body begins to overload, the souls she has consumed beginning to consume her from in the inside out.

We learn that Soteira is a female in this issue, but we still don’t know what her overall objective is at the moment.  What does the satellite contain onboard and why are the X-Ladies the cherry on top of the delivery?  Will Jubilee, Kitty, and Magneto stop the launch from happening? Will Sapphire’s meltdown lead to Psylocke’s resurrection?

Month 3 Rankings

Tied for 1stWeapon Lost and Adamantium Agenda (The return of Albert and the final page reveal of Mister Sinister’s worldwide collection of DNA are both shocking)

3 – Claws of a Killer (the death of Daken? and the resurrection of Deathstrike’s father and Graydon Creed)

4 – Mystery in Madripoor (X-Ladies kicking ass and doing it for themselves)

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