Review-‘Mystery in Madripoor’ #4

Writer: Jim Zub

Artist: Thony Silas with Leonard Kirk

Recap – “When an attempt to steal Wolverine’s corpse went wrong, a closely held secret began to leak out: Logan’s body is missing. Psylocke, Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, Storm, Rogue, and Domino have banded together to track it down. Their search led them to Madripoor and into the clutches of Viper and the Femme Fatales! Rogue, Storm, and Magneto were captured, but were eventually freed when Domino, Jubilee and Kitty foiled Viper’s Rocket launch. Meanwhile, Sapphire Styx was struggling with the “ghost” of Patch ( Wolverine’s alternate identity in Madripoor) before she began deteriorating from the intense psychic energies within her!

The issue opens with a flashback to the moment Sapphire Styx absorbs Psylocke’s soul.  Once Psylocke’s essence is absorbed into Sapphire’s body she lands into a haunted wood, the only living being in a land of decrepit souls trapped within. She learns that Sapphire Styx has been preying on, killing, and feeding on innocent people for their souls for centuries, extending her own life by destroying others.  Among the trees, Betsy finds a sliver of Logan’s (as Patch) soul trapped and still barely alive. Logan was a victim of Sapphire long ago. They will need to work together to escape Sapphire’s mind.  Patch’s ghostly visage was the distraction Betsy needed to escape from Sapphire’s body. Betsy returns to the land of the living, back as her old self.

The rocket they tried to stop ends up taking off. Magneto tries to stop it but in his weakened state, is unable to do so.  Kitty reaches the rocket and phases inside. Kitty saves Rogue and Storm from their imprisonment and they exit the rocket before it reaches the outer atmosphere.

The X-Women defeat the Femme Fatales in combat. Magneto turns his attention toward Mindblast and plans to kill her. He decides to leave her alive as a gift to the X-Women for helping him escape Viper’s fortress. Magneto promises the X-Women he will destroy the launch site, track down Viper (who escaped), and destroy every vestige of her criminal empire from Madripoor.

The X-Women go back to Patch’s bar, where Domino is full of disbelief that the original Psylocke has returned. Storm replies, “You’ve have been with the X-men long enough to know death is more of an intermission than a conclusion.” Kitty shares information with the rest of the team that Soteira was looking for Logan and were the ones responsible for the rocket launch. She tells them that she spoke with Carol Danvers and Alpha Flight and they will track where the rocket was headed after they lost sight of it.

Betsy and Jubilee are seen talking to each other. Psylocke recreated her body molecule by molecule and she’s back to her normal self and her body is her own now, no longer tied to someone else’s destiny or controlled by another.

The issue ends with an Asian doppelganger of Psylocke taking a bar worker hostage with her psychic blade, speaking Japanese saying, “stay silent, stay calm, I just have a few questions…”

Final Thoughts –  The Internet has been abuzz about the status quo change of Psylocke in the final issue of this miniseries.  For those uninitiated, I’ll be providing a link to her wiki here for review.  Long story short, she was body swapped with Kwannon but the change was never meant to be permanent.  We never got that phone conversation between Kitty and Tony I was hoping for after Adamantium Agenda #4 SAD FACE

Now that all miniseries have wrapped up this is a quick reminder of the loose plot threads that need to be resolved.

  • Is the Wolverine we saw brainwashed the real deal, a clone, or something else?
  • Who is the traitor inside the X-men? Any guesses on the person in question?
  • How will the rocket launch come into play and tie into the overall plans of Soteira?
  • Who is the head of Soteira?
  • Are you excited and ready for the return of Wolverine already?

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