Review- ‘Weapon Lost’ #3

Recap: “The X-men asked Daredevil to look into the disappearance of Wolverine’s body. Though Daredevil has investigative connections through his secret identity, lawyer Matt Murdock, he recruited help in the form of Inhuman Detective Frank McGee, retired cop Misty Knight and Cypher, a mutant with the ability to understand any language. The crew hunted down several fruitless leads before having a seeming stroke of luck…until that luck turned on them when a very familiar set of claws slit Cypher’s throat!”

Daredevil, Frank, and Misty make it back to the cabin and find Cypher’s body on the floor. Daredevil is able to use his radar sense to determine that Cypher is still barely alive.  Frank takes Cypher’s body to the ship to put him in an Inhuman medical suite to try to save him.

Daredevil encounters the hunter that preyed upon Cypher and engages him in combat. It’s revealed that it’s not Wolverine, but Albert. Albert is a clone- part cybernetic/part flesh monstrosity built by the Reavers as an elaborate trap to kill the real Logan. Albert became self-aware, fought his way free of the Reavers, and tried to build a life for himself.  We learn that Albert is looking for his missing daughter, Elsie Dee.

Daredevil and Misty are both hurt trying to stop the rampage of Albert. Daredevil was able to spot a weakness in Albert and Matt tells Misty where to shoot Albert to put him down permanently.  Misty and Frank both hit Albert in the dead spot as the coup de grace kill shot comes from Cypher.

The crew takes off on their ship after leaving an anonymous tip with the authorities about the rangers in the cabin. Cypher is nearly healed but unable to speak as his vocal cords may be permanently damaged during the attack. Daredevil is quietly mediating to heal his bumps and bruises. Frank and Misty share a homebrewed Inhuman liquor (courtesy of Gorgon). Both Frank and Misty try to figure out why Cypher left the safety of the ship, when a panel reveals Cypher pulling out a smart phone.  Frank is glad that Misty joined the case and Misty is glad this case has reinvigorated her after a recently failed operation. Frank and Misty then kiss. Cypher interrupts the moment and shows them information he found on the phone.

The ship changes course back to Chicago. The security guard Misty interviewed last issue who lied about his own Wolverine sighting is found dead. The issue ends with a bomb exploding and the promise of this miniseries be concluded next issue.

Weapon Lost is barreling towards its conclusion like a freight train and I’m hanging on for dear life until the end of the ride. The reveal of Albert as the faux Logan is a nice nod to the 1990s and fits the search parameters that were laid out in earlier issues.  Like any good mystery, the callback to the security guard was a nice twist I really didn’t see coming. Very curious to see who the mastermind behind the bombing is in the next issue.

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