Review-‘Weapon Lost’ #4

Recap – ” The X-Men asked Daredevil to look into the disappearance of Wolverine’s body. Though Daredevil has investigative connections through his secret identity, lawyer Matt Murdock, he recruited help in the form of Inhuman  detective Frank McGee, retired cop Misty Knight, and Cypher, a mutant with the ability to understand any language. The crew followed several leads, some more fruitful than others, until a search through the apartment of a suspect blew up in their faces…”

After last issue’s explosive ending, we learn that Daredevil, Frank, and Misty survived the trap that was laid for them.  Misty creates a shield from her cybernetic arm to protect the heroes from the explosion, but the blast knocks them from the building. Daredevil grabs hold of Misty but misses Frank. Misty’s go- go gadget arm catches Frank before he falls to his death.  Daredevil swings everyone over to the next building. The team goes to help the survivors of the explosion, before reconvening on the sky ship.

Thanks to Frank’s Inhuman ability, he’s able to recall a picture of the apartment before it blew up. The guard’s uniform is the main lead in the investigation and the team will go talk to his boss at the company the guard worked for named Soteira.

The team uncovers that Soteira is an “asset management company”. Daredevil goes to do reconnaissance outside of the corporate headquarters and finds two men trying to purge massive amounts of data. Daredevil calls it in to the team as Cypher and Frank crash through the building on a sky sled.

Daredevil asks Cypher if he will be able to salvage any of the data and Cypher gives him a thumbs up.  A kill team arrives and shoots the employees before turning their guns on the heroes. Misty arrives and protects Cypher, giving him enough time to get the data they need before retreating to the sky ship.

Cypher loads the data from the flash drive and images and videos are shown on the computer screen. One particular video scares the Man without Fear: Logan sitting at a table.  A voice asks, “What is your name?” the man replies “Wolverine. Logan.” The voice asks, “What will you do for us?” and Wolverine replies, “whatever you want”.

Daredevil tells the team this case is bigger than all of them and they need to call in reinforcements. Daredevil is going to contact Kitty Pryde about the information that was taken from Soteira.

Misty and Frank talk about what they plan on doing next.  Frank tells Misty he’s going back to New Attilan but this case has made him miss detective work, helping regular folk, and good ol’ New York City.  Misty mentions about getting together again at some point. Frank lets her down gently as he still has a place for his wife in his heart. Misty thanks him for being honest and hopes that this isn’t their last case together.

Daredevil catches a quick breath before placing a call to Kitty when he realizes his phone is missing. Cypher pickpocketed Matt without him knowing it. Cypher gives the phone back to Daredevil and whispers to Matt he thinks he needs help.  Daredevil tells Cypher “we’ll help you.”

Daredevil tells Kitty about all the data and information they recovered from Soteira. Kitty wants Daredevil and all the other head members of the other search teams to meet to compare notes and figure out their next move.

The issue ends with Daredevil saying Wolverine should have stayed dead.

Final Thoughts–The hunt is coming to a close. Wolverine is one of the bad guys and it’s going to take the combined might of both heroes and villains to bring him back to the side of angels.

I’d like to see Cypher pop up clean shaven and refreshed in one of the ongoing X-men series.  I’d also like to see a five-issue miniseries featuring Frank McGee and Misty Knight with the Daughters of the Dragon or Heroes for Hire.

I’m looking forward to Kitty getting the phone call from Daredevil in Mystery in Madripoor #4 to see what the other side of the conversation looks like (especially if it’s not in a quiet moment, if it’s during the final battle with the Femme Fatales).

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