Ridley Scott might do a ‘Merlin’ movie for Disney

Let’s see what fucked up things he squeaks by in a family film.

Ridley Scott maybe 80 years old, but that doesn’t stop him from cranking out movies a year. Fresh after performing double duty this year with Alien Covenant and All The Money In The World (the latter of which included extensive yet seamless reshoots at the last second), one of his next of many projects include something that might be seen out of character for him: A Fantasy film about the early days of Merlin for Disney, of all studios.

The Hollywood Reporter states he’s currently in talks to do the project which is based off of a series books by T.A. Barron and that one of the co-writers of the Lord of The Rings saga Philippa Boyens will pen the script while Scott will co-produce the picture along with Gil Netter (Life of PiMarley & Me), Tendo Nagenda and Foster Driver.

I’m always game for a new Ridley Scott film regardless of the subject matter. I do wonder, however, this is going to squeeze into his usually very busy schedule. Scott has said in interviews for Money that his next project will be The Cartel for Fox and that he wants to get started on his Covenant sequel not long afterwards. Not to mention other projects he has on the table such as Battle of Britain and an adaptation of S. Craig Zahler’s Wraiths of The Broken Land. Regardless, it should be interesting to finally get what will probably be a spiritual successor to Legend if this comes to pass.