R.I.P. John Mahoney (1940 – 2018)

He was 77 years old.

John Mahoney, the English actor best known on the 90’s sticom Fraiser as Martin Crane, has died at the age of 77. Sources say that he died at a Hospital in Chicago in Hospice Care and has been battling Cancer for quite some time (he battled Colon Cancer in the 80’s).

Mahoney had a notable career on stage, including winning a Tony in 1986 for Best Actor in the role of Artie Shaughnessy in The House of Blue Leaves. However, his big career peak was with the sitcom Frasier, a spinoff of Cheers staring Kelsey Grammer as the title character. Mahoney also had some notable voice over work in films like The Iron Giant and some episodes of The Simpsons as the father of Sideshow Bob (also voiced by Grammer).

A genuine talent, he was born on June 20th, 1940 and started his career in the late 70’s. He will solely be missed.