‘Robotech’ Lands ‘Wonder Woman’ Writer Jason Fuchs

Andy Muschietti’s live-action Robotech project just got another feather in its cap with screenwriter Jason Fuchs, writer of Wonder Woman, Pan and Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Deadline reports that Fuchs is working with Muschietti to craft a brand new screenplay from scratch; years of development Hell have led to numerous scripts that have fallen by the wayside once Muschietti signed on to the project.

Robotech is a science fiction opus about humanity defending the Earth from an alien invasion using high tech transformable battle robots/jets. It will be produced by Barbara Muschietti and 300 producers Mark Canton & Gianni Nunnari.

Fuchs is also attached to a sci-fi Tom Cruise vehicle titled Luna Park as well as the upcoming Minecraft film.

  • MichaelAndTheArgonauts

    This won’t happen if Pacific Rim 2 tanks.

  • Joshua Martyniouk

    Yes we finally get writers who have a different sexuality to get the respect they deserve.
    Hope we get more writers like him!
    I can’t wait!

  • William Dhalgren

    The whole Macross/Robotech…phenomenon is really interesting. I know of a pretty well-liked indie writer-director who was approached to take this on. He wrote a treatment for a trilogy (I haven’t read it), but ultimately decided not to do it. I really would have liked to see what he would have done, because I think it would have been anything but mundane. C’est la vie.

  • This gets made now for one reason. The success of IT. Muschetti can do whatever he wants after IT Chapter 2 wraps.

  • We should all read the Robotech comic books before the movie comes out!!!!