Ryan Coogler Was Originally Interested in Having Kraven in ‘Black Panther’

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Movies, “Black Panther” director, Ryan Coogler reveals that he originally wanted to put the infamous Spider-Man villain, Kraven The Hunter in the film.  Watch the clip here.

Obviously Sony is still keeping a tight hold on Spider-Man’s Rogue Gallery.  Would you like to have seen Kraven join the MCU in Black Panther or do you think it is for the best that he was unavailable to Marvel Studios and/or should be introduced in a Spider-Man film?

  • Peacesquad

    It would be cool if Black Panther appears in homecoming 2 and helps Spider-Man Battle Kraven. Would make sense

  • Larry Version 3

    I’m not saying I would have liked him to be a central thing but even just a name drop in this instance probably could have worked. This is how Marvel needs to develop their villains – over multpile films with minor appearances. The reason we can love Loki as a charcter is because he is someone we have seen grow and change. Other villains don’t have that. Even Thanos probably wont.
    People are sying he could fit into Homecoming 2 had he had a cameo in this, but I feel like a 3rd Spider-Man film, one that can show Peter grown up a little more could really allow for a more tonally dark storyline featuring Kraven.

    God I wish this had happened…

  • I agree. Kraven would make a great BP villain in a sequel. Then a post credits scene could set up Kraven’s move to NY to hunt for SM.

    Ant-Man’s only real villain was Hank Pym and alcohol.

  • Here’s the thing – I want Kraven in a Spider-Man movie, BUT he makes so much sense as a Black Panther villain, and Black Panther is low on the ground when it comes to iconic villains, while Spider-Man has the best rogues gallery in comics (don’t Bat me).

    Spider-Man literally has villains to spare – Daredevil built a legacy around one of Spider-Man’s villains. It really could be for the best in the case of Kraven and Black Panther. Besides, I’d really like to see MCU characters sharing villains anyway.

    That said, it bugs me a little that Ant-Man and the Wasp has stolen one of Iron Man’s only good villains for their sequel, but then we have an Ant-Man franchise, and Ant-Man has no villains, so it was inevitable.

  • Kemosabe 🦇

    This is such a perfect idea it should real.

  • I went on a gif hunt and found this. https://media.giphy.com/media/hkozIe28prthS/giphy.gif

  • He ate one of Mario’s mushrooms

  • Honeycomb Kraven

  • Joe Newman

    …Super Kraven?

  • Why is Kraven 20 feet tall in that image?

  • Viggo Mortensen for Kraven

  • I would have been game! Javier Bardem or Viggo Mortenson for the win!

    Even just a cameo would have been cool. Set up a Homecoming 2 appearance