‘Saw 8’ Posters – Everyone’s A Puppet Now

The eighth installment in the Saw franchise, Jigsaw got some wall treatments recently.

Lionsgate has also launched the website JigsawSaves.com, which has a unique mission statement for John Kramer’s followers that you can read below.

Much has been said about John Kramer. The flesh is finite. His work, his legacy, is the gospel that wakes us from our stupor and gives our lives purpose as the clock continues to count down. I have followed his teachings and learned from his philosophy, and I have dedicated my life to dissecting, testing, and understanding that ‘vital piece.’ Jigsaw becomes legion: a horde of disciples who understand a life is measured not in increments but by a single defining moment. How many of us truly know what we are capable of until we are given the ultimate choice: Live or Die? How many of us crave the clarity only the games can provide? How much of your own blood are you willing to spill, how many pounds of flesh are you willing to shed, to be free? This world is suffering. You are suffering. But you are not alone. Not anymore. Let the games begin.


Fans can upload photos of themselves onto the site or write ‘confessions’ to become Followers of Jigsaw and join in on the viral marketing campaign.

The posters look pretty cool, featuring the stars of the film in Dolly makeup while others just have people wearing Jigsaw’s iconic pig mask like the world’s creepiest Sears catalog.

  • Tanis11

    I stopped after 4 due to quality drop off…do I need to watch 5,6, and 7 to make this worth while?

  • King Alvarez

    and I have no witty retort to this genius.

  • *blank stare*

    You have been found guilty of the crime of indecision. Before you are thirty one toppings to choose from, including nuts, sprinkles and pop rocks of three different flavors.
    Choose wisely, but do so quickly for if you wait, your ice cream will melt and you will be…all sticky.
    There are no napkins.
    Choose your fate.

  • Joshua Martyniouk

    Hope this movie will revive the Saw franchise!
    Those posters are awesome!

  • King Alvarez

    Can I just have ice cream instead?

  • Live…Die…The choice is yours!

  • King Alvarez

    Not too shabby. Not sure I need another one of these movies, but these are cool to look at.

  • I love the new posters. Can’t wait to watch Saw 8! Thanks for the update. I also saw a jigsaw emoji somewhere!