‘Slender Man’ Trailer + Poster: The (Internet) Legend Comes To The Big Screen

Probably won’t be as good as Mable Hornets.

The Slender Man mythos was a popular meme around the early 2010’s. A tall, thin and possibly malevolent figure that appears in photographs and haunts youths, it was only a matter of time that this Eldritch being got his big screen treatment. And yet, based on this first trailer, it feels out of date. Had Hollywood gotten to this sooner (and not with the Screen Gems logo on it), this probably would have been good but as it stands, the trailer is doing nothing for me. Here it is, courtesy of IGN:

And a poster that came out yesterday:

Slender Man comes out on the 18th of May.

  • New J-Mart

    This teaser terrified me and is an interesting and unique take on the urban myth. I thought this would be about a teenagers in the woods looking for pages and avoiding Slender Man or they die. But instead off looking for pages the teenagers get lost in the woods and Slender Man is roaming in the woods and is coming after them. There are some great shots in this trailer like this shot of Slender Man coming after her.


    I love that they kept Slender Man’s face a mystery so we don’t know if he will have his iconic pale white face and fancy tuxedo or not but it looks like he is possessing and capturing her and mind controlling her with his dark tentacles. Instead of just you look at him and you die like in the game. That’s unique and I am impressed that Sony is making not only a great horror movie but since they have the people behind the game they are giving Slender Man the movie he rightfully deserves.

    This scene of Slender Man using his tentacles to possess her and control her body made me scream in terror. It’s horrific and shows that he is a demon that will posses and control your body by piercing your eyes and manipulating you to do anything under his will just like in the legend. It’s terrifying! Your screaming and in severe pain as he is taking your mind and controlling your body. That’s messed up!

    As you can see why her father is asking why she disappeared and when she is found and admitted to the hospital her eyes are pitch black and she is screaming in terror as she is now possessed by Slender Man and he controls her mind and she is under his will and she wants him out of there as he is a virus and has possessed her as she is struggling to find a way to escape the Slender Man. Once Slender Man gets you you can’t escape as he is a virus that spreads to other people. He messes up your mind and then he makes you die as we see a guy jump to his death and a girl stab herself with a scalpel and did you notice the color of her blood? It’s black which makes this one of the symptoms of being captured by him. You do what he wants and then he kills you. Very messed up!

    I really like these shots of the drawings of Slender Man as it shows how much of a terror he is in these woods and how he messes up people mentally and his origins since he started as fanart.

    Finally we see this girl who I think is taking inspiration from Slender: The Arrival as we see a girl whom I assume is a follower of Slender Man or his daughter or another girl getting possessed someone tell me down below who this girl is and she is also bleeding black blood meaning she is one with Slender Man and she is probably going to haunt the young girl mentally as she is showing her signs by drawing a message which I think is saying “He is watching you.” That’s just plain creepy. This girl is also plain creepy.

    Im glad Sony is making a fantastic Slender Man movie and this trailer scared me which not many horror trailers do nowadays and I can’t wait to see this as I love Slenderman and I love horror movies that give me nightmares! This looks to be pure nightmare fuel and I probably will never walk in the woods at night ever again after seeing this!

    Hopefully this breakdown unconfused you and makes you ask more questions and makes you as interested in the story of this movie and how it will turn out. I think it will be a surprise hit and maybe the first great horror video game movie. Sony don’t let me down! This looks amazing and just like I was scared of Slenderman in 2011 I can’t wait to be scared again this year. Totally seeing this as it looks very faithful to the legend.

    Sony might make a big comeback in 2018 and this could change horror movies forever.

  • I liked the comment, “The top movie of 2011.”

  • Sailor Monsoon

    I didn’t like it at all.
    Its a good 30 minutes too long.

  • King Alvarez

    Yeah I knew it was about some real events. I need to see if it’s on HBOGo.

  • TheDeadFellow

    Yes. It was called Beware The Slenderman and was about some murders that happened by a couple of teens who took it too seriously.

  • King Alvarez

    But wasn’t there an HBO documentary about this that was supposed to be good?