Son of A Pitch: A MCU ‘Fantastic Four’ Film

Son of a Pitch is a recurring series that asks you the commenters to pitch us your version of an upcoming or cancelled sequel, prequel, reboot, or remake. No plot is too outlandish or grounded. Anything goes, pitches!

Mister Splendiferous here and I am back with a co-guest spot on Son of a Pitch!

I got to thinking about Karlston’s article last week regarding John Krasinski and the Fantastic Four

This week’s rules – The Fantastic Four movie has been greenlit and its going to be taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ala Spider-Man: Homecoming. 

  • How is the Fantastic Four introduced and what would their standalone movie look like?
  • Is it set in the 1960s when the FF were introduced?
  • Who is their bad guy? Doctor Doom? Dragon Man? The Frightful Four?

Alright, let’s here ’em, pitches.