Son of a Pitch: Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Star Trek’ Movie

Son of a Pitch is a recurring series that asks you the commenters to pitch us your version of an upcoming or cancelled sequel, prequel, reboot, or remake. No plot is too outlandish or grounded. Anything goes, pitches!

Yesterday, news broke that Quentin Tarantino had pitched J. J. Abrams an idea for a new Star Trek film. There is also a possibility that Tarantino might direct the film. The thought of this is intriguing alone, but one might wonder “What would a Tarantino Trek film look like?” So today’s SoaP looks at that.

This week’s rules

It’s unknown if it will tie into J. J. Abrams’ Star Trek series, so that’s up to you if you want to tie it together.

Talk about the story you think Tarantino pitched, who might be cast, the story and scope, everything that makes Tarantino and Star Trek unique blended together.

Alright, let’s here ’em, pitches.

  • Sailor Monsoon
  • Joe Newman

    Maybe add some more of the Kelvin Klingons.

  • I think an R-rated Star Trek film that played as a space western would be right up Tarantino’s alley. He likes large ensemble casts and blood so you’d need that. I’d set it during the TNG era but in the Kelvin universe. That gives him full creative reign. Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell would be the two leads because that just sounds amazing. I’d bring in his other good luck charm Christopher Waltz too if possible. Then I’d cast unknowns or minor actors. Give it an indie feel. Instead of huge space battles, I want some intimate drama, and a smaller plot. Some dispute on a new world, with a limited amount of time to fix the problem. A small group of