Son of a Pitch: ‘Wonder Woman 2’

Son of a Pitch is a recurring series that asks you the commenters to pitch us your version of an upcoming or cancelled sequel, prequel, reboot, or remake. No plot is too outlandish or grounded. Anything goes, pitches!

Wonder Woman 2 is slowly putting the pieces together. After receiving a Christmas 2019 release date, they later locked in Patty Jenkins to return to direct. Gal Gadot is also slated to return, as is Chris Pratt.

This week’s rules

Every previous entry in the DCEU is canon. The film can be set in the present day, or in the 1980’s (as is the rumored timeline for the sequel).

Alright, let’s here ’em, pitches.

  • Jooshua

    Maybe I’m mistaken but the first Wonder Woman wasn’t about how she lost her faith in humanity, as mentioned in BvS, so I hope the second movie would be the event that caused that.

  • *blank stare*

    Having not seen the first movie yet, I’ll still give it a stab.

    The year is 2050; Wonder Woman is monarch of New Olympus, a city state built over the ruins of Metropolis.
    Superman has pulled a Dr Manhattan and vanished from the planet and Gotham Citadel is ruled by The Winged; a cabal of Batman inspired lords and ladies who are at once politicians, police and front-line defense force.

    No explanation is given towards the current state of affairs, but the world seems to be in major disorder, with only certain large cities defined by the superheroes of yesteryear. Think Judge Dredd megacities, but themed.

    Queen Diana must resolve a dispute between Gotham Citadel and the strange denizens of Velocity, but a new threat is rising from the ocean depths; Atlantis is rising.

    I’m probably borrowing a bunch here from Kingdom Come and other stuff, but I like the idea that the audience can get used to a future where metahumanity has fundamentally changed the world.

  • Wonder Woman in the height of the Cold War would be a really good story. Of course with the fact she turned her back against humanity until BvS, I find it hard for them to not set it after Justice League.

    But Etta Candy was a delight.

  • I want to see Cheetah or Doctor Psycho as the villain.
    Chris Pine should not return as Steve Trevor.
    Set it during the 1970s!

  • It would be a shame to make a Wonder Woman 2 and miss out on the synergy of WWII, and that way they could also bring back fan favorite Etta Candy. On the other hand, people could probably use a mainstream refresher in 80’s Russia these days.