Speculation & Wishes: The Kitty Pryde Solo Film

In the X-Men film franchise, despite being featured in the majority of team films, Kitty Pryde is usually only a small cameo in the current entries. Although she did serve a bigger part as part of the team in the Phoenix Saga Butcher known as “X-Men:  The Last Stand” (2006) and as a plot device in “X-Men:  Days of Future Past” (2014) she is mostly a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo. However, as I am an avid comic reader, she has been my personal favorite X-Men character for a long time and continues to be to this day.

I own this VHS. Which I’m sure you totally can’t find it on Youtube. Nope, not at all.

In animation, she was featured as a stereotypical 1980s teenager in the pilot for “X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men” (1989) that was not picked up that involves space and a purple dragon that will be familiar to fans of Shadowcat. She is completely absent from the famed 1990s series (she was basically replaced by Jubille), but has turned up in more recent cartoon series. Needless to say, she is nowhere near as well-know to as many people and is probably referred to as “the girl who goes through walls” by the average viewer.

He certainly is, Kitty!

Here is what we know about the hypothetical film that seems more real every day so far. Reports from a month ago from sites such as Collider revealed that a Kitty Pryde film was already in the works with Tim Miller (Deadpool, 2016) in the director’s chair. Recent reports from sites such as The Hollywood Reporter, not only confirm these rumors about the project, but attached famed comic writer Brian Michael Bendis as a co-developer. They also tell us that it’s under the working title/code-name “143“, which is a reference to one of Kitty’s first big stories in Uncanny X-Men #143 (1981). The comic was written by the famous Chris Claremont and John Byrne, who have worked on a plethora of comics. However, I don’t really see them going with the actual story from the comic for obvious reasons.

She’s the anti-Magneto!

So, what possible stories could be told on film with Kitty Pryde at the center? There are so many great stories with her, but they did kind of already give her friendship to Wolverine to Rogue in the past films.  However, she is much more interesting than that. She is one of the few X-Men aside from Nightcrawler who is really open about their religious beliefs, which could lead to many interesting interactions with her fellow mutants. Her power is more complicated than just “going through stuff” and can be used in a variety of different ways instead of the basic ones we have seen on screen so far.

Instead of focusing on a single story-line from the comic, here’s what I would personally want in a film focused on Kitty Pryde: A team of X-Men around her that might not have all the familiar characters that general audiences are used to, aside from one or two. Kitty Pryde should be the main protagonist, but that does not mean she should not have a team around and it definitely does not mean they should start her off as a team leader.

I always liked the costumes from the more recent “Astonishing X-Men” run

Costumes/Uniforms are always a must for me and it seems like we may never see them outside of something like Deadpool. When they announced that the New Mutants would not be donning costumes in their film as it was some new thing for these film adaptations, I was extremely disappointed. No, leather jumpsuits do not count. First Class was the closest outside of that, but I felt like they lacked a certain individuality that is present in the comics. Come on Fox or Marvel(?), let them wear their costumes. Marvel Studios has already proved that you can let your characters wear colorful garb and the viewers love it!  (Where’s Mojo when you need him!?).

She has romantic connections that could connect to Deadpool and the MCU

We’re going to ignore Ultimate Spider-Man dating Ultimate Kitty Pryde for now (although I really liked that arc when it was new) as well as the recent romantic entanglement with Starlord, which I only currently know about through the internet. Instead, we are going to focus on that guy in the middle who is overall been her main lover-interest for decades, Peter Rasputin aka Colossus. I thought the portayal of Colossus in Deadpool was perfect and finally felt like Colossus. Unlike the kid (or kids?) who portrayed him in films before. This is the second Deadpool connection that this movie has now, so I think they might as well set it in that continuity, but without the insanity that Deadpool brings.  The same Colossus showing up in this film, but not having to be turned as comical, because Wade is not around, would be perfect to me.

Let there be space!

I always wonder why this franchise based in Science-Fiction (especially in the comic books) is so afraid to go into space. Some of the best X-Men stories involve space and a multitude of aliens, but we don’t even have to go into the civilized areas that the Guardians of the Galaxy films seem to be covering right away in order to have a good “X-Men in Space” story-line. The New Mutants film is apparently diving into the horror genre, so why not let Kitty and her team go into a horror/sci-fi genre hybrid? Do you know what cool Sci-Fi/ Action film with a great female lead is? Aliens (1986). If only there was a way to do something similar in an X-Men film… oh wait…

The Brood are full of untapped potential

No more Magneto or random evil mutants or humans who want to experiment on mutants, let’s try something different. For those who are unfamiliar with them, let me introduce “The Brood” who could definitely fill in that Xenomorph-shaped hole and be a very different kind of villain than what we are used to in the X-Men films. The Brood have a hive mentality, a hierarchy that is traditionally a caste system and follow their queen and reproduce through impregnating a host with their eggs. They are a little different from Xenomorphs I promise! They have an exoskeleton, an endoskeleton, wings, fangs and a dangerous tail to sting their prey. There are many types of Brood, but it really depends on which comic you are reading, so they are flexible enough to be translated to film in a variety of ways to make them even more distinct. They also look really really cool.

I’m not saying Lockheed needs guns, but…

Most importantly, I want Lockheed to be a part of this film. In fact, every film would be improved with more Lockheed. In all seriousness, if we can have a talking raccoon with guns, then we can have an alien that happens to have the looks and the abilities of a small, intelligent purple dragon. Lockheed has been portrayed in a variety of different ways varying from bad-ass to comic-relief, but he is almost always around his best friend, Kitty Pryde. I think a movie could mix both elements similar to what they did with Rocket and Groot’s comic-to-movie translation. Also, Lockheed is omnilingual, meaning he understands every language. He does get his name from the company if you were wondering, both in real life and in the comic as gifted to him by Kitty.

What are your thoughts on a potential Kitty Pryde movie?  How do you think this will or more likely will not fit into the already convoluted continuity of the current films?