‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Post Endgame Trailer

The “spoiler ban” has lifted today for Avengers: Endgame and Sony couldn’t wait a second longer to release a new Spider-Man trailer.



Annnnnd here we go:

  • Is Mysterio really a hero?
  • Is he really from a different universe/dimension/earth?
  • If they are introducing multiverses now because of post snap (x4), I can see DC and WB cringing that Marvel beat them to it on the big screen. Ah well, they did it on the CW shows first, so…
  • We have New York, Venice, London and Prague shown so far.
  • Are they setting up Tom Holland to be the new Iron Man? Or Iron Spider?
  • Will he become an MCU character officially with Sony bringing a live action Miles Morales in his place?
  • Is this how Sony can back door Venom and Morbius into Peter Parker’s world?
  • Speaking of which, if the multiverse aspect is true (and Mysterio isn’t conning Fury), is this how Feige and company bring in X-Men and The Fantastic Four?

And keep in mind you can’t trust any of the Marvel trailers. It seems Sony is taking a play from the MCU trailer book. If you watch the first trailer (right here) you will see that Spidey is in his original suit, not the Iron Spider suit. But, in the new trailer he is wearing the Iron Spider suit in the scenes. (Preventing spoilers for Endgame.)

Multiverses. We will leave you with this:

Spider-Man: Far From Home thwips into theaters July 2nd.