‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Loses Director Colin Trevorrow

So, did Disney dodge a bullet on this or no?

The Hollywood Reporter recently caught wind of some pretty nasty news in the land of Lucasfilm and Disney: Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World, The Book of Henry) recently lost the job to direct the final installment in the newest trilogy. In a statement released by Lucasfilm:

Lucasfilm and Colin Trevorrow have mutually chosen to part ways on Star Wars: Episode IX. Colin has been a wonderful collaborator throughout the development process but we have all come to the conclusion that our visions for the project differ. We wish Colin the best and will be sharing more information about the film soon

The article elaborates that it had to due with script issues, with Trevorrow and producer Kathleen Kennedy balking over directions of what would happen in the film’s story.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that script issues have continued to be the continuing sore spot with Episode IX’s development with Trevorrow having had repeated stabs at multiple drafts.

Sources say that the working relationship between Trevorrow and Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy became unmanageable. Kennedy, who had already been through one director firing/replacement on the Han Solo spin-off, was not eager for a sequel and tried to avoid this decision.

Between this and the recent Han Solo film shakeup, this is not looking good for the company. It’s hard to tell on what they’re intentions are, however: Are they trying to make sure the films are as safe as possible at the risk of alienating potential box office revenue or are they just trying to make sure no one screws up the property at fear of fans bemoaning another prequels situation? I’m not sure and I don’t think not many are.

As for my thoughts on Trevorrow’s departure, I felt he was a rocky choice from the start. While not terrible, I was not a fan of Jurassic World and the reception of this year’s The Book Of Henry didn’t do him favors either. I do, however, wish him the best in future endeavors and hope that Henry didn’t affect his career THAT badly.

What say you Exiles? Did Disney make the right call or did they dun fuck up?