Taika Waititi Gives an Update on His Live-Action ‘Akira’ Film

After the massive success of Thor: Ragnarok, director Taiki Waititi can basically do any project he wants. One film he has his sights set one: The live-action Akira remake.

In a recent interview with Dazed magazine, Waititi gave an update on the project revealing that it is still early in the development phase. The reason behind this? He has a lot of reading to do. Waititi said:

“I haven’t really started to get my head around it yet. What I wanted to do was an adaptation of the books, ’cos a lot of people are like, ‘Don’t touch that film!’ and I’m like, ‘I’m not remaking the film, I want to go back to the book.’ A lot of the people freaking out haven’t even read the books, and there are six gigantic books to go through. It’s so rich. But (the anime) Akira is one of my favourite films; my mum took me to see it when I was 13 and it changed my life.”

Going back to the source material instead of just remaking the original film is always the best option to bring something new to the screen. As Waititi mentioned, there are six books worth of adaptable material, and I doubt the 1998 anime film was able to cover it all.

Michael Gracey gave an update on his Naruto film last week, so Hollywood looks to be continuing to adapt popular manga and anime for the big screen. Let us just hope that the finished projects will be a bit more critically and commercially successful than recent adaptations like Ghost in the Shell or Death Note.

Are you looking forward to Waititi’s Akira? Are you a fan of the 1988 anime? Let us know in the comments below!