‘Teen Titans Go! To The Movies’ gets its first poster and trailer

We are deserving of this.

Teen Titans Go! is one of Cartoon Network’s most popular – to the point of cannibalizing their other content – shows on the network, practically doing all day marathons of the thing nearly every day of the week. And with anything popular, a movie must be made but not just for the small screen. CN is gonna bring their show to the big screen in a big way. Here’s the first poster:

And the first trailer, which should probably set the tone audiences will be in for:

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies will be released on July 27nd, 2018.

  • Also it’s annoying that this gets a movie when Young Justice had to fight to even get a season 3, but this has more “drag your parents” appeal, and I’m sure this animation is a lot cheaper.

  • A little surprising that they would take a jab at the dead horse joke that it Aquaman, especially when the solo movie already has so much going against it.

  • Joe Newman

    Most of the trailer is a bad fart joke.