The 100 Greatest Games of All Time: 30-21

Everyday I’m going to be counting down what I believe are the 100 Greatest games of all time.
My Grading criteria:

Influence-Did it shape the industry in some way.

Impact- Did the game have any cultural impact outside of the medium.

Legacy- Do people still play it today.

Graphics-The smallest criteria but bonus points if the game has unique graphics.

All Platforms are eligible.


30. Diablo 2

Blizzard created a virtual drug that millions became instantly addicted to. Grinding and Looting and Grinding and Looting. This game made “Just ten more minutes” turn into “Jesus Christ, Where did my weekend go!?”


29. Civilization 5

It’s not unusual for video game companies to go back to the well. In fact, they all do. They’ll milk that money cow dead, Fill it’s corpse up with milk and keep pumping out gross milk….look the metaphor is getting out of hand. What I’m trying to say is there’s a lot of sequels out there that do nothing but take up shelf space. Some how the Civilization games get better with each new iteration. By the 15th one, I’m pretty sure it’ll be the second coming of Christ.


28. Street Fighter 2

There’s not many games that are synonymous with an entire genre. There’s also not many games that were so monumentally important, they actually shaped the genre they’re in. In the middle of that venn diagram is Street Fighter 2. Other fighting games may be more polished or offer more content but they wouldn’t exist without Street Fighter 2.


27. Overwatch

What outrage! A game that literally just had it’s one year anniversary so high on the list. Blasphemy i hear you cry. Put down your pitchforks and shut your Damn mouths, Ya titty babies. I would agree but blizzard has continuously updated, Tweaked and improved it’s magnum opus over that year and it’s gotten better every month. With a cast of characters already in the pantheon of icons and new shit being added constantly, there’s no point in waiting to declare Overwatch one of the greatest games of all time.


26. Mass Effect 2

Every console generation has it’s defining games. The NES had Super Mario Bros, The Super NES also…had… Mario and the Psone had Final Fantasy 7 and Metal Gear Solid. The Mass Effect series have a legitimate claim as the defining games of the 360/ PS3 era. With Mass Effect 2 being the crown jewel. When your series is actually compared to Star Wars, You’re doing something right.


25. Halo: Combat Evolved

The game that made Microsoft an industry titan and created an entire new generation of gamers. A remarkable single player game that crafted an entirely new universe that felt bigger than anything that came before with one of the greatest musical scores of all time providing a constant action packed ambiance. Oh and the multiplayer is pretty good too.


24. Final Fantasy 7

Tens of thousands of irate costumers took back Final Fantasy 7 because “They Didn’t know there would be reading” and that “It didn’t look like the commercial” there was a time that pre rendered cutscences were so new, The general public had never seen them before. But that time was 97 and that Game was Final Fantasy 7. With its aforementioned cutscenes and it’s iconic killing of a main character, It redefined how games told stories.


23. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Winning every video game award in existence (And probably a couple that were created just for it) there’s never been a game so instantly beloved by everyone. With a plethora of side quests, Mini games and sex with witches on unicorns, The Witcher 3 is as close to perfection as a game can get.


22. Resident Evil 4

Ditching the puzzle solving formula that got old years previous, Resident Evil 4 is an entire new engine built from the ground up. Gone are the tank controls and cinematic angles that plagued the series and are now replaced with a brand new third-person camera for better aiming, and a control scheme so tight, it felt like the GameCube controller was built for it. There’s many great video game moments but you’ll never forget the first time someone busts through a door wielding a chainsaw.


21. Half-Life 2

Half-Life 3 wouldn’t be the In joke between gamers if they seriously didn’t want it in the first place. And boy do they want it. Valve struck pay dirt when they decided to finally continue the adventures of Gordon Freeman almost ten years later. With characters that were so well written, They finally stopped feeling like game characters and started feeling like real people. The virtual world Valve created has never been topped.


  • So many fun memories playing Halo. Few things more satisfying than a rocket hitting its target from across the map.

    I know there was a hatred of Halo fans among “real” gamers, but that didn’t take away from the fun I had as a filthy casual.

    Shame Halo 5 was such a disappointment.

  • Joshua Martyniouk

    Civilization is so freaking boring! However im happy overwatch got really high on the list.

  • sailor monsoon

    Oh, i ain’t going back.
    That shit is the past.
    I’m all about the future
    And the future is beyblade

  • TheGreenMalice

    I probably wouldn’t recommend it at this point. So much has changed in multiplayer. I am also not sure if the servers are still running.

  • sailor monsoon

    That’s exactly what a contrarian is.
    I had to fight to stop being one

  • Joe Newman
  • William Dhalgren

    I’m like that with some things. I don’t know if it makes me a contrarian. I think I am just deeply suspicious of hype. The more a thing is pushed, the higher the odds I’ll avoid it.

  • sailor monsoon

    If they didn’t continuously add new content, I’d agree but it does what it does perfectly
    I usually wait a good 2-3 years before a game gets this high but blizzard really knows what they’re doing

  • sailor monsoon

    I did.
    But i fixed it
    Resident evil 2 took it’s place and i shuffled some shit around

  • sailor monsoon

    I was an extreme contrarian when i was younger and for some reason had a grudge against halo.
    When i finally played it, i played it all fucking night.

  • sailor monsoon

    I’ve actually never played half life 2’s multiplayer

  • sailor monsoon


  • sailor monsoon

    It’s 100% made for the GameCube controller

  • Jean Morel

    So much I could nitpick here…also, didn’t you already put Diablo II earlier in the list? I could’ve sworn.

  • DryButSoupy

    I was totally addicted to Diablo 2 for quite a while. I still wish I had my copy sometimes. It’s probably just as well that I don’t. I’d never get anything done.

  • Tanis11

    Overwatch might be the first game on this list that I disagree with. Might be jumping the gun in my opinion here.

  • Tanis11


  • TheGreenMalice

    Halo redefined console gaming. PC was already there for the most part.

  • TheGreenMalice

    I never played RE 4 at launch, but bought the PS4 release recently. The controls are unbearable.

  • sailor monsoon

    The only reason halo is not higher is there’s some level design issues. The library is not a good level and there’s some technical issues but it’s influence and impact trump everything else

  • sailor monsoon

    1. Mass effect is amazing but there’s 3 rpgs that i think are more important and they’re coming up
    2. Resident evil 4 is one of those games that comes out that’s instant top 30. We usually only get one of those once every couple of years.
    3. I hated, hated witcher 2. It was not user friendly. I’m not super into western rpgs but witcher 3 deserves it’s praise. It does everything right

  • MichaelAndTheArgonauts

    Lots of favorites in this list. Halo redefined everything. It still plays so amazing after all these years and instantly sucks you into the world.

  • TheDeadFellow

    Mass Effect 2 is a top fiver for me. It was an excellent sequel in every regard: Better combat, sharper writing, tighter pacing, stronger visuals (that still hold up to this day imo) and a crackerjack final mission that makes a lot of other games look flaccid by comparison. It’s easily Bioware’s finest hour.

    Also nice to see shoutouts to Diablo 2, Overwatch, Half-Life and RE4. The first and fourth games in particular have had such an impact on the industry in such profound ways and frankly, RE4 will never age nor become boring. It’s without a doubt a timeless work in the realm of video games and something a lightning in a bottle.

    As for The Witcher 3, I doubt I’ll play it if I maybe honest. I wasn’t much of a fan of Witcher 2, my computer probably couldn’t run the damn thing if it tried and frankly, my experience with The Witcher fandom has not been the most pleasant.

  • sailor monsoon

    I’m going to upload 500-101
    Do you guys want it after the list or before the top 20?

  • Duke


  • sailor monsoon

    The list ain’t over

  • William Dhalgren

    I bought an X-Box after a bad breakup with a girl I’d dated for 5 years. I hadn’t done much gaming since the early 90s, but I needed a distraction. I remember taking that X-Box and a copy of Halo I’d just bought over to a buddy’s house one Friday night. We had plans to hit the town and (hopefully) meet some ladies. Around 1 am we looked up from the game and realized we’d just coasted through about four hours of game play. We both kind of looked at each other and said fuck it. I think we played that dumb game til three or four in the morning.

    I’ll never forget those wild, crazy nights of my youth.

  • Duke

    Halo above Mario. I am outraged!

  • TheGreenMalice

    2 games that really changed how I view gaming. FF7 and HL2. FF7 had a death that actually mattered to the storyline, and HL2 had a fluid engrossing story.

    Not to brag but HL2DM is my most played game. I was good… really good. I helped run a clan, we had our own server, I loaded everything on the server. It was bad enough that a few of us started handicapping ourselves just to keep people on our maps… And then one day I woke up and stopped devoting time to multiplayer games.