The 100 Greatest Games Of All Time 50-41

Everyday I’m going to be counting down what I believe are the 100 Greatest games of all time.
My Grading criteria:

Influence-Did it shape the industry in some way.

Impact- Did the game have any cultural impact outside of the medium.

Legacy- Do people still play it today.

Graphics-The smallest criteria but bonus points if the game has unique graphics.

All Platforms are eligible.


50. Contra

The preeminent Co-op experience on the NES. Before Goldeneye’s 4 player split screen and Halo’s system link, There was you and your friend fighting over who got the spread shot. Even if you’ve never played this game, You have the Password memorized.


49. Portal 2

Where do you go when the first game revolutionized puzzle games? Add an even more incredible story, Instantly iconic characters and create the best two player experience around. If you can beat this with your Friend/Spouse Without killing them or yelling expletives at them, You’ve created a bond stronger than iron.


48. Dark Souls

Some games come out of nowhere and get everything monumentally right, You can tell they’re instant game changers. From it’s engaging story you have to piece together yourself, To it’s intricate combat this game is instant canon.


47. Mega Man X

while some would argue that the second one in the franchise is the best (It’s certainly the most influential) It’s X that does the most to keep the franchise alive. Sporting new abilities like dash movements and wall slides along with new armor options, X was such a massive improvement, The series never got better.


46. Deus Ex

Before the year 2000, RPG’s were always thought of as a Japanese thing. With weird characters and an odd turn based mechanic that instantly turned off most American gamers. Deus Ex changed all that. Crafting one of the greatest universes seen at the time, Everything about Deus Ex’s Future Earth is incredibly gripping. No game gave the player as much choice as Deus Ex did. An unquestionable masterpiece.


45. Resident Evil 2

Contrary to popular belief, Resident Evil was not the first survival horror game. In actuality, It was essentially an Alone In The Dark clone. A great clone but a clone nonetheless. Where Resident Evil crafted the perfect blend of Puzzle solving and zombie horror, The sequel upped the ante and gave players two different storylines and a story that greatly expanded the universe. A masterpiece of survival horror.


44. Space Invaders

Would we have video games if not for Space Invaders? There were obviously games before it but this is where gaming went from childs novelty toy to legitimate industry. The enemy alien has not only become an industry icon but had eclipsed every other mascot to represent video gaming as a whole.


43. Super Mario World

A save system meant Nintendo Jammed this puppy with as much content as the cartridge could handle. Multiple paths, Hidden levels, The star road levels and the introduction of Yoshi. This game was the game to own on a system already filled with amazing games.


42. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

Probably the first legitimate “Cool” game to own. Whether you were a gamer or not or even a skater, Everyone played this game. From it’s create a skater and create a park, To it’s incredible combo system, This game was a Psone essential.


41. Super Smash Bros. Melee

The first one on the N64 was a fun party game. It had just enough content to keep players engaged but the sequel added so much more, It made the first look like a hor d’oeuvre compared to a 4 star buffet. A game so expertly designed, It’s been a tournament staple since it’s debut.

  • sailor monsoon

    Maybe there will be done super hot gems in there that’ll make you reconsider

  • Lydia Deetz

    Most definitely.

  • sailor monsoon

    You think it’s one of the top 30 greatest games?

  • sailor monsoon

    I appreciate what it’s trying to do but it ain’t my bag

  • TheGreenMalice

    I played Demon Souls, and was done.

  • Lydia Deetz
  • sailor monsoon

    I love it but i don’t think it’s top 30 material.
    We’re getting into the heavy hitters.

  • sailor monsoon

    Wanna know a secret?
    Me either

  • Lydia Deetz

    Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

    Though I don’t agree with the placement, I f*cking love that game! So many wasted hours skating around and jamming to the soundtrack.

  • Joe Newman

    Yeah, I just don’t get the love for the Dark Souls franchise, but to each their own.

  • Joe Newman

    I could never get into Dark Souls.

  • sailor monsoon

    It’s one of the ones I’ve seriously considered moving higher

  • Tanis11

    Aside from maybe Halo 2, Diablo II is likely my most played game. That game was way ahead of its time. People don’t realize how good the graphics were for that game when it came out, plus the gameplay itself was amazing. People still play the ladder servers on this game! My bias would put this game way higher 🙂

  • sailor monsoon

    Your mom being into Diablo 2 is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard

  • Joshua Martyniouk

    I love super smash bros melee! It is such a great fighting game!

  • Joshua Martyniouk

    Portal 2 gave me major headaches so it I didn´t finish the game.

  • MichaelAndTheArgonauts

    Dark Souls has the best opening level ever created. Undead Burg is insanely good. And when you see the dragon guarding the castle drawbridge…

  • TheGreenMalice

    Portal 2!

    Tony Hawk PS 2 was the “party” game for my group of friends. It was probably the last game where points mattered to me. We spent countless nights just trying to beat the top score.

  • TheGreenMalice

    My Dad did the same with Diablo II. Once he eventually got tired, I took it over and spent sleepless nights for years replaying it.

  • TheDeadFellow

    I remember when my mom would use to play Diablo II all the time. Meanwhile, I’d be off playing something like Starcraft when she wasn’t maining the computer. Good times.

    Could never get into Dark Souls, however. It was never the difficulty that scared me off; It was the controls. They felt very clunky and tank-ish to me. The series has a very lovely art style, however.

  • Duke

    Super Smash Bros, nice. Glad to see it on the list!

  • tbone2278

    Spent many late nights playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl with friends. Loved this game and it despite the fact that it’s now (I believe) 15 years old it still holds up very well today.