The 100 Greatest Games of all Time: 80-71

Everyday I’m going to be counting down what I believe are the 100 Greatest games of all time.
My Grading criteria:

Influence-Did it shape the industry in some way.

Impact- Did the game have any cultural impact outside of the medium.

Legacy- Do people still play it today.

Graphics-The smallest criteria but bonus points if the game has unique graphics.

All Platforms are eligible.


80. Counter Strike

The Mrs. Pac-Man of First Person Shooters. A mod more popular than the game it spawned from, Over 5 million people still play everyday and it’s going on 20 years old.



79. Portal

Puzzle games don’t come more deceptively simple than this. You make two portals, Whatever goes through one, comes out the other. That is the set up and solution to every puzzle but it’s designed to make you change your way of thinking about everything. That alone would earn it a spot but it also has One of the greatest villains in gaming.

The Cake Is A Lie.


78. Star Wars X-Wing

Building off of not only Wing Commander but improving over it’s predecessor in every possible way, This space simulator has yet to be topped.


77. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Before the tide turned and every gamer treated the series like a puppy rapist, Modern Warfare was the first legitimate challenger to the Halo throne. One of the best campaigns of the genre and a multiplayer experience the series never reached again.

Ignore the haters. Modern Warfare is masterful.

76. Tekken 3

The Dreamcast had Soul Caliber but The PlayStation had Tekken 3. One of the most successful games on the console, This was the first game to recreate the arcade experience in your living room.


75. NHL Hockey 94

The One Timer

The addition of of a quick shot directly off of a pass made this the most addicting, fast paced sports game of its time. It also added save records which added bragging rights to the game. (There was a time where just saving your game was a selling point)


74. Tecmo Super Bowl

In a world dominated by Madden, There is still a strong following for the original champion. Player attributes, Editable Playbooks, Substitutions, Pro Bowl, Season mode and licensing from both The NFL and NFLA. This game not only did everything first but some argue it still does everything better.


73. Left 4 Dead

Intense non stop zombie action enhanced with remarkable A.I and an absolute reliance on co-operation, make this the ultimate multiplayer experience.


72. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out

A rhythm game cleverly disguised as a boxing game. This game taught an entire generation the virtue of patience and how timing is the most important thing.

Tyson is still a dick though.


71. Star wars: Knights of The Old Republic

Star Wars fans are extremely passionate. They will argue about anything and everything Star Wars related. Which movie is better: A New Hope or Empire Strikes Back, Which thing was worse: Jake Lloyd or Jar Jar but the one thing no fan debates is which game is the best in the series. This Knight is King.