The 100 Greatest Games of all Time. 100-91

Everyday I’m going to be counting down what i believe are the 100 Greatest games of all time.
My Grading criteria:

Influence-Did it shape the industry in some way.

Impact- Did the game have any cultural impact outside of the medium.

Legacy- Do people still play it today.

Graphics-The smallest criteria but bonus points if the game has unique graphics.

All Platforms are eligible.


100. Shenmue

Shenmue set the template all other open world and action games still use to this day and it might be the greatest cult game of all time.


99. Journey

The strongest case for The “Are games art?” argument and definitively answers the old philosophical question:
“What’s more important, The Journey or the Destination?”


98. Wii Sports

One of the most accessible games ever created,
Wii Sports brought gaming to the masses and is one of the definitive console sellers.
If you had a Wii, you had Wii Sports.


97. Grim Fandango

From it’s hilarious script, to it’s memorable cast of characters and clever puzzle design, Grim Fandango easily sits atop the action adventure pile.


96. Galaga

One of the most successful and longest lasting arcade cabinets, Galaga essentially created the twitch based shooter.
Every arcade in every town has a Galaga machine.


95. Braid

Between it’s clever time mechanic that make for some ingenious puzzles or it’s beautiful watercolor-esque visuals and it’s absolutely heartbreaking narrative, Braid offers an unforgettable experience you’ll be thinking about long after its over.


94. Assassin’s Creed

A literal sandbox of possibilities with player choice to anchor every mission and a
Compelling story with memorable historical cameos, Assassin’s Creed 2 is an improvement over it’s predecessor in every possible way.
This is textbook how to do a sequel right.


93. The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time reinvigorated the classic Amiga game with it’s smooth animations, fluid combat system, “aha” puzzle moments and groundbreaking rewind mechanic.


92. Sonic 2

The first legitimate contender to the Mario crown.
The speed was enhanced over the last game,
The color palette is eye shatteringly vibrant,
The mini games are more enjoyable
and the soundtrack is one of the best of the 16-Bit era.
This game singlehandedly bought Sega a decade at the grown up table.


91. Elite

Decades ahead of it’s time, Elite pioneered everything from 3D graphics to freedom of choice.
Every Game that came out after it, owes something to this often over-looked titan.
Monumentally influential is an understatement.