The 100 Most Annoying and Hated Movie Characters Of All Time (100-91)

I wanted to write something here that was riveting and elegant to get you guys engaged with this list like most good writers do. However, seeing how that’s not really my style (not to mention I’m not really capable of that anyways), how about I just get down to brass tacks and let you know my process here, m’kay? It was a pretty thorough and intricate formula in which I simply picked the movie characters I found to be the most annoying and/or hated the most. Some of these characters are just doing their jobs (some a little too well). They are meant to be irritating or vile and the actor pulled that off perfectly. Some of these were intended to elicit joy or be humorous but ended up being obnoxious. Frankly, there are some that I simply just hate with every fiber of my being.

We all have those characters we cannot stand. Some of the entries you may wholeheartedly agree with and some you might be perplexed by their inclusion. Please feel free to share your thoughts and characters you just love to hate – or simply just hate. Enjoy!

This is The 100 Most Annoying and Hated Movie Characters Of All Time.

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100. The Twins (Jonas and Mercy)

Played by: Lucas Dawson and Ellie Grainger

Film: The VVitch (2015)

I feel bad for older sister Thomasin (Ana Joy-Taylor) for having to endure these two dreadful kids. They would drive me into the arms of evil as well. Their piercing voices while they screamed and sang and simply wouldn’t do as they were told! Leave Black Phillip alone you little rug rats! Hey dad, maybe instead of chopping all that wood, you could take some time to discipline your kids.


99. Miss Balbricker

Played by: Nancy Parsons

Film: Porky’s (1981)

We all had that teacher that would not allow any fun or shenanigans. Well, Miss Balbricker was the strict, sexually repressed gym teacher who tried very hard to put the kibosh on the students at Angel Beach High School. With her high waisted short shorts and judgmental attitude, she was nicknamed “Ballbreaker” even by her peers. When she wasn’t singing on the toilet or judging other teachers, she was trying to convince the principal to do a penis lineup of all the high school boys in order to catch a practical joker that literally slipped through her fingers.


98. C-3PO

Played by: Anthony Daniels

Film: Star Wars [Series] (1977-2017)

Did anyone like C-3PO? His constant whining and complaining on top of him just being rude at times never did him any favors in my book. I get he was meant to be a bit of comic relief but failed miserably. Scrap him for parts to more useful projects.


97. Richard Cameron

Played by:  Dylan Kussman

Film: Dead Poets Society (1989)

There is always a stick in the mud teachers pet who ruins it for everyone. Cameron seemed like the type to remind the teacher about the homework. Cameron is your typical status quo robot who is afraid of new and exciting things. Not only did he have a soulless ginger face (sorry, not sorry to gingers) but he reports his fellow classmates secret club, which he voluntarily joined, to the headmaster. For shame. He deserved to get punched in his stupid face.


96. Luis

Played by: Michael Pena

Film: Ant-Man (2015), Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)

I just don’t like his face or his voice. He isn’t funny and adds nothing to the movies for me. Him going off on his wild tangents are supposed to be funny and endearing but I find them annoying.


95. Mr. Blonde/Vic Vega

Played by: Michael Madsen

Film: Reservoir Dogs (1992)

To stand out as the most demented and twisted person among a gang of criminals is really saying something. Vic Vega seems like a wildcard from the moment we first meet him to the vile moment he decides to torture a police officer for his own amusement. He doesn’t take instructions that well from his boss or friends and is dead set in doing his own thing that ends up causing numerous people to lose their lives. Who does a dance before they are about to mutilate someone?


94. Beadle

Played by: Timothy Spall

Film: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

I wonder what it is like to be an actor that is hired simply based on your looks to be repulsive? As great as Mr. Spall is at what he does, his face can conjure up the dreaded “ugh” anytime he is on screen as Beadle in this maniacal musical. Not only his looks but his actions as he carries out some heinous actions as essentially the henchman to the ruthless judge. From the way he prances and smirks, to the way he sings, just makes me wish he is off my screen as soon as he appears.


93. Storm

Played by: Halle Berry

Film: X-Men [Series] (2000-2006)

Really, what did you offer up Storm? Other than your wooden stares. Yes, we know you weren’t very happy Ms. Berry but it’s not all your fault. How the hell do you mess up Storm for friggin sake? Are we really giving her the line “Do you know what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else.” Groan… Still unhappy that Angela Bassett wasn’t Storm and thought she would bring a more regal attitude to the role but would she have made that line any better? Storm seemed like a glorified extra and that’s sad.


92. Pistachio Disguisey

Played by: Dana Carvey

Film: The Master of Disguise (2002)

Yes, you are not turtley enough for the turtle club! In one of the most unfunny films of all time, Dana Carvey is insufferable as Pistachio. Simply too goofy and I think it was a decade before we saw him on screen again. Maybe he should have disguised himself as someone funny.


91. Justin Hammer

Played by: Sam Rockwell

Film: Iron Man 2 (2010)

Sam does a great job as someone you are not supposed to like and is easily the best thing about Iron Man 2. From his obsession with the Iron Man tech to helping a criminal to his overly orange hands and his weird dance moves, Justin Hammer is an extremely unlikable villain. He is extremely cocky, but it also seems like Hammer is constantly looking for Tony Stark’s approval. Sam does a fine job of making you love to hate him.