The 100 Most Annoying and Hated Movie Characters Of All Time (40-31)

I wanted to write something here that was riveting and elegant to get you guys engaged with this list like most good writers do. However, seeing how that’s not really my style (not to mention I’m not really capable of that anyways), how about I just get down to brass tacks and let you know my process here, m’kay? It was a pretty thorough and intricate formula in which I simply picked the movie characters I found to be the most annoying and/or hated the most. Some of these characters are just doing their jobs (some a little too well). They are meant to be irritating or vile and the actor pulled that off perfectly. Some of these were intended to elicit joy or be humorous but ended up being obnoxious. Frankly, there are some that I simply just hate with every fiber of my being.

We all have those characters we cannot stand. Some of the entries you may wholeheartedly agree with and some you might be perplexed by their inclusion. Please feel free to share your thoughts and characters you just love to hate – or simply just hate. Enjoy!

This is The 100 Most Annoying and Hated Movie Characters Of All Time.

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40. Skids and Mudflap

Voiced by: Tom Kenny and Reno Wilson

Film: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

Racist or not, these two were just unfunny and not needed characters in an already bad movie. I enjoyed the first one because it did a solid job of balancing humor, drama and action. In this sequel, Michael Bay went full Michael Bay by going to the immature comedy that he does oh so unwell and these two are prime examples of low brow comedy. They are the Jar Jar Binks of the Transformers series.


39. Kevin

Played by: Rock Duer (toddler), Jasper Newell (6-8 years old), Ezra Miller (teenager)

Film: We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)

We need to talk about how bad of a job Kevin’s parents, mainly the dad imo, did raising this little demon seed. He needed an ass whoopin. But would it have mattered? Kevin seemed to be born broken. And no, he didn’t do just typical kid type bad behavior things either. You could take one look at this kid and you just knew he would be the type to shoot up a school someday. Kevin is a blank faced sociopath that is just pure evil who knew exactly what he was doing the whole time. He wore diapers till he was 6 seemingly for the pure enjoyment of having to make his mother change him. He would also wear clothes that were too small for him. I don’t mean skinny jeans or slim fit but wearing shirts from when he was 8 while he is 16-years-old. Kevin purposely injured his little sister for no reason other than he wanted to. He would plot and execute a horrible crime admitting he knew what he was doing and that he would do it again. Absolutely nothing redeeming about Kevin in the slightest and Ezra Miller (and the other two kid actors) played him perfectly.


38. Dewey

Played by: David Arquette

Film: Scream [Series] (1996-2011)

The first Scream was simply fantastic and a shot in the arm that horror and the slasher genre needed in the 90’s. Honestly, outside of Sidney and Randy, the main cast was pretty annoying and unlikable, but Dewey was the worst. How he made the police force is an indictment on the whole institution first off. He is just too goofy for my taste and I’m ashamed that Monica would go for a putz like this. In real life, he would have been the first to die but somehow, he manages to fumble his way through movie after movie. He makes Gomer Pyle look like Dirty Harry.


37. Lex Murphy

Played by: Ariana Richards

Film: Jurassic Park (1993)

Yes, I am the one of the few who didn’t love Jurassic Park when it came out. Yes, I was so bored by it that I was actually dozed off in the theater. This little pain in the ass didn’t help either. Just do what the hell you are told! Quit making things worse. Oh, Lex you can hack a complex computer system, who is completely smug about it btw, but you are not smart enough to know not to shine a bright spotlight to let huge freaking dinosaur know where you are? The letdown of not seeing her eaten by one of those raptors was massive. Would have made the movie infinitely better.


36. Bill Lumbergh

Played by: Gary Cole

Film: Office Space (1999)

We have all had a boss or at least known a tool like Bill Lumbergh. He is the epitome of the unbearable upper management boss that makes you want to go postal on your workplace. His appearance alone is enough to induce nausea with those glasses, suspenders and that damn coffee mug always in his hand. I think what makes Bill so annoying is how realistic Gary Cole’s portrayal is. He is like a mindless corporate robot. He is a bland sadist who gets enjoyment out of being such a prick to his employees. Screw your TPS reports and if you could just go blow your brains out, that would be great.


35. Mutt Williams

Played by: Shia LaBeouf

Film: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t jonesing for another Indiana Jones film in 2008 with 87-year-old Harrison Ford running around being all actiony and what not, but we got one anyways. And instead of Short Round (who was great. Fight me!) we get the displeasure of meeting Mutt Williams. The heir apparent to maybe or maybe not take over for Indy failed miserably. A greaser wanna be who added absolutely nothing to this film. No emotional punch, no cool wise ass one-liners, just nothing. He was just poorly realized and executed character that didn’t help a boring movie in the least.


34. Rachel Ferrier

Played by: Dakota Fanning

Film: War of the Worlds (2005)

So much friggin screaming. She is probably still shrieking to this day. Open a door-scream. Close the door-scream. Look out the window-scream. Lights go off-scream. Lights come on-scream. And scream and scream and scream! You are told to never shake a child but sometimes man…A screeching child is never ideal in any situation but if Tom Cruise had handed her to the aliens, I wouldn’t have blamed him. One of the most annoying kids in movie history.


33. Denethor

Played by: John Noble

Film: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

Denethor was a straight up coward plain and simple. He was completely hopeless and did nothing to even try to stop Sauron. He might as well of curled up in the fetal position and sucked his thumb. He tries to take the easy way out by trying to commit suicide wanting to burn himself and his unconscious son, who he constantly treated like crap, alive. Not too mention the way he ate. Also, if you eat like that around me, you will be stabbed in the throat. With all your noises and juices flying around. Are you a toddler learning how to eat? Come on, man!


32. Deadpool

Played by: Ryan Reynolds

Film: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Just look at that picture. What the hell is that supposed to be Mr. Hood? This was just a big F.U. to Dead Pool and comic book fans in general everywhere. We all know that Ryan Reynolds is a great choice as Wade Wilson and they seemed to get the character close enough to being right before the “change”. But this monstrosity is one of the worst decisions in the history of movies. Combining several mutant powers into one ultimate mutant killing machine sounds pretty cool on paper but what we get is brain exploding bad. First off, his look is just atrocious, and you are going to sew his mouth up? Because he is a wise ass who won’t shut up. Get it? Get it! He is the “Merc with a Mouth” for a reason. Sticking to the basics is best sometimes. At least this has been remedied since.


31. Calvin Candie

Played by: Leonardo DiCaprio

Film: Django Unchained (2012)

Umm, Slavery is bad, m’kay. Not only is Calvin a slave owner, he also forces his slaves into brutal fights with other slaves. If one of his slaves doesn’t want to fight for him then he feeds him to the dogs and for his lovelier female slaves, he prostitutes them out. He takes sheer delight in all of this as well. He calls his plantation Candiland for crying out loud. Candie also prefers to be called Monsieur despite not knowing a lick of French. Leo does a tremendous job of playing this sadistic individual with a certain southern charm. The dinner scenes where Monsieur Candie explodes is one of Leo’s best.