The 100 Most Annoying and Hated Movie Characters Of All Time (70-61)

I wanted to write something here that was riveting and elegant to get you guys engaged with this list like most good writers do. However, seeing how that’s not really my style (not to mention I’m not really capable of that anyways), how about I just get down to brass tacks and let you know my process here, m’kay? It was a pretty thorough and intricate formula in which I simply picked the movie characters I found to be the most annoying and/or hated the most. Some of these characters are just doing their jobs (some a little too well). They are meant to be irritating or vile and the actor pulled that off perfectly. Some of these were intended to elicit joy or be humorous but ended up being obnoxious. Frankly, there are some that I simply just hate with every fiber of my being.

We all have those characters we cannot stand. Some of the entries you may wholeheartedly agree with and some you might be perplexed by their inclusion. Please feel free to share your thoughts and characters you just love to hate – or simply just hate. Enjoy!

This is The 100 Most Annoying and Hated Movie Characters Of All Time.

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70. Rose

Played by: Kelly Tran Marie

Film: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

There wasn’t much I enjoyed about the TLJ and there are few characters that I could add to my list, but Rose was one of the worse to me. At least Jar Jar did something. After her introduction, she isn’t given much to do. She is just kind of there, but they are trying to make me care about this boring character. It didn’t feel like Kelly brought anything to the role, but the film makers are also to blame for not giving her character anything of substance outside of her school girl crush. And that kiss? Really? Really?


69. Veruca Salt

Played by: Julie Dawn Cole

Film: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

I may very well be one of the few that was never a big fan of Willy Wonka. I enjoy Gene Wilder and using the Oompa Loompa song to make fun of small people of course. However, the rest is rather annoying and forgettable. Veruca Salt is just awful and stands out above the other brats. She is spoiled and an entitled little brat who demands her daddy buy whatever she wants no matter what. A bad egg, indeed.


68. Barbara aka Barbra

Played by: Judith O’Dea

Film: Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Useless is the best word to describe this character. Frustratingly useless. What makes her even more frustrating is knowing that she was a representation of a certain part of society when catastrophe hits. Between her shrieking and slipping into catatonic states, we all wanted to be Ben when he smacked the mess out of her. When she meets her end, am I the only one who wondered if she would be as annoying and useless as a zombie as she was when she was alive?


67. John Fitzgerald

Played by: Tom Hardy

Film: The Revenant (2015)

Fitzgerald is a hard-hearted man who simply lives day to day in order to spend whatever money he earns on drink and prostitutes. A selfish and vicious man who constantly schemes for ways to save his own neck, even at others’ expense. What’s difficult with this character is that you can see his point of view at the beginning, but he just goes full blown scumbag by the end. Hardy did a fantastic job of making Fitzgerald feel more complicated than just a one-dimensional villain.


66. Second Lieutenant Steven Hauk

Played by: Bruno Kirby

Film: Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)

“And if you dooo. And if you dooo.” Hauk’s constant need for respect due to his rank and his voice and use of abbreviations and his taste in music and need to squeeze the joy out everything and his unfunny attempts at humor simply made him unbearable. The dude loves polka for crying out loud. He even makes his assistant work on how to exit the room after he has addressed his subordinates. I hated him as a kid. Why couldn’t you just let Robin Williams be funny, you turd?! I have come to enjoy his “straight man” and actually find him hilarious the older I have become, so Hauk doesn’t rank as high as he would if my 8-year-old self were doing this list. But I can not forgive him for his love of polka.



65. John Connor

Played by: Nick Stahl

Film: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)

Not the John Connor y’all were expecting? I can forgive young John, well, because he was a kid and hadn’t yet realized his destiny. You could at least see where Judgement Day John would grow up and be an ass kicker. But this guy? This is the leader of the human revolution to save us from the robots? He doesn’t seem like he could fight his way out of a wet paper bag. Do you honestly see him as the scar-faced leader of the resistance battling Terminators on the regular? I certainly do not. He is dismantled and locked in a cage by a veterinarian and mopes for the rest of the movie while having to be protected by an obsolete Terminator and that same vet. I can understand him not being the John Connor of the future, but he should be further along then he was when he was 10.


64. Detective Jimmy Shaker

Played by: Gary Sinise

Film: Ransom (1996)

One of the first times I remember people cheering when a bad guy was killed at the theater was Sinise’s evil, kidnapping detective. Not only is he a cop who masterminds the kidnapping of a kid but he also is the definition of the “no honor among thieves” saying when he turns on his cohorts. He’s a psychopath with a twisted sense of morality. Gary Sinise plays him so sinisterly that you really can’t help but cheer when he meets his satisfying ending.


63. Paul Prenter

Played by: Allen Leech

Film: Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Basing this solely on his portrayal in the film, I have hatred toward Paul. He was a sniveling leech that manipulated and betrayed Freddie Mercury, which led to Queen breaking up for a spell. His rodent like features go hand and hand with his actions and his stupid mustache. Even if you went into the movie blind and not knowing anything of the real-life Paul Prenter, you could see immediately he was bad news. It’s just sad that Freddie didn’t dump this loser sooner.


62. Ellis

Played by: Hart Bochner

Film: Die Hard (1988)

Let’s just face it, Hans Gruber is one of the coolest villains ever, and I’m probably doing this wrong, but hate to tell ya: he won’t be appearing on this list. He is just too damn cool. Now Ellis, on the other hand, gets under my skin every time I watch Die Hard. He is your stereotypical cocaine snorting, woman chasing, Gordon Gecko wanna be who is only looking out for himself during the hostage situation. He is a little too cocky for his own good thinking he could “help” the bad guys out by turning McLane over to them. He is just a smarmy douche that overplayed his hand and made matters worse. Hans does us all a favor by taking him out.


61. The Ewoks

Played by: Various Actors

Film: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983)

I was born after “The Ewok Line” and yes, I still hated the Ewoks. I laughed when the one died and the other one made sad noises. Who other than a 7-year-old girl would care about these oversized Care Bears? They are high-strung, and their gibberish speech is irritating after a while. Easily one of the least likable things of the original trilogy. At least make them vicious or have razor sharp teeth or something to make them interesting.