The 100 Most Annoying and Hated Movie Characters Of All Time (90-81)

I wanted to write something here that was riveting and elegant to get you guys engaged with this list like most good writers do. However, seeing how that’s not really my style (not to mention I’m not really capable of that anyways), how about I just get down to brass tacks and let you know my process here, m’kay? It was a pretty thorough and intricate formula in which I simply picked the movie characters I found to be the most annoying and/or hated the most. Some of these characters are just doing their jobs (some a little too well). They are meant to be irritating or vile and the actor pulled that off perfectly. Some of these were intended to elicit joy or be humorous but ended up being obnoxious. Frankly, there are some that I simply just hate with every fiber of my being.

We all have those characters we cannot stand. Some of the entries you may wholeheartedly agree with and some you might be perplexed by their inclusion. Please feel free to share your thoughts and characters you just love to hate – or simply just hate. Enjoy!

This is The 100 Most Annoying and Hated Movie Characters Of All Time.

Previous Installments: (Dis)Honorable Mentions, (100-91).


90. Leo Getz

Played by: Joe Pesci

Films: Lethal Weapon 2-4 (1989-1998)

Okay, so I’m a fan of Joe Pesci, okay, and he has played some all-time characters, okay, but here he is just a nuisance, okay, to add some comic relief, okay, to the Lethal Weapon sequel okayokayokayokay! What is sad or great depending on how you look at it, is that Joe Pesci was perfect for this role and is probably the reason Leo is so freaking annoying.


89. Buzz McCAllister

Played by: Devin Ratray

Film: Home Alone (1990)

There are number of annoying characters from Home Alone that could be added but there is just something about Buzz. Was it four-inch-long ginger flat top? His rodent like face? The fact he had a pet tarantula? That his name was Buzz? Or is it because I’m annoyed by all of this and he hasn’t even begun speaking or acting yet?


88. Spike Hammersmith

Played by: Sam Horrigan

Film: Little Giants (1984)

What is with bullies having flat tops and ridiculous first names? He was bred to be an unstoppable football machine by his almost equally annoying dad. So, he is cocky, speaks in third person and is a horrible teammate. He is also a dirty player but gets his comeuppance from Icebox when she lays him out short of the end zone. Spoiler Alert.


87. Jack Sparrow

Played by: Johnny Depp

Films: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dean Man’s Chest, At Worlds End, On Stranger Tides (2006-2011)

Let me start off by saying I love the Curse of the Black Pearl and thought Johnny Depp was fantastic and quirky in it. However, by the end of Dead Man’s Chest I was kind of over the character and he just became more nauseating with each movie after to the point I didn’t even want to watch the last one. Well, it’s not all his fault the others were just boring altogether. In Curse the character felt fresh but seemingly had run its course very soon. His mannerisms and speech were cringey.


86. J.P.

Played by: Joel David Moore

Film: Grandma’s Boy (2006)

The video game Neo wannabe prodigy with no interpersonal skills who thought he was better than everyone but was desperate for friendship. He would act like a robot when he was uncomfortable or alone eating sushi. The dude was just weird but played well by Joel. Oh, and he liked techno so extra annoyance points.


85. Samwise Gamgee

Played by: Sean Astin

Films: Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001-2003)

So, Sam is the annoying person/family member who complains constantly on a trip. Not to mention one they weren’t even invited on. Yea, so you get my annoyance with Mr. Gamgee for three freaking three-hour movies. You miss the Shire, uh? Then go back! No one asked you to come and stop complaining about being hungry!


84. Derek Zoolander

Played by: Ben Stiller

Film: Zoolander (2001)

I’m not a big fan of Ben Stiller as the lead. I think he is better in small parts as the weird supporting character. Zoolander is better in small bits with some quotable dialogue. Maybe more like a SNL type skit but as a lead for an entire movie??? That is just too much. The shtick wears thin quickly. Not to mention all the impersonations we have had to endure since 2001.


83. Rose Dewitt Bukater

Played by: Kate Winslet

Film: Titanic (1997)

Just move the freak over Rose! Damn it! How could you just let Jack die like that you selfish floozy?!


82. Mason Verger

Played by: Gary Oldman

Film: Hannibal (2001)

Mason Verger is a sexual deviant and pedophile who makes my skin crawl and that’s before we even get a look at him. Under his care and in a drugged state, Lecter convinces Mason to hang himself, cut off chunks of his face with a broken piece of mirror and feed those chunks to his dogs. So now he is a deformed quadriplegic along with being a child rapist. Yea, this guy is all kinds of messed up. Gary Oldman, being completely unrecognizable, does an incredible job in his portrayal of this freak and just gives me the heebie jeebies every time he is on screen.


81. The cast of Harry Potter

Played by: The entire freaking cast!

Film: Every freaking film!

While compiling my list, I noticed that numerous spots were being filled by characters from this franchise. So why not just give them their very own spot with every miserable and annoying character combined. Except for the lovely Miss Dolores Umbridge, who received her own appreciation article that you can read here, there is not one character that I gave two velvet paintings of a whale and a dolphin getting it on about. And it’s not that I hate them or find them overly annoying, but I just didn’t care for any of them. Which in turn did make them more annoying as I continued the series. I don’t really have much to say about them.

But that Harry Potter is a just little brat. He is constantly allowed to break every single rule and the adults in their fancy pajamas praised him for it and practically encouraged him to continue his behavior because he was “the chosen one”. Pfft. And people want to hate on Umbridge for trying to teach him some respect? Don’t get me started.

Oh, and then there is mister no-nose’s-name-that-shan’t-shalln’t-shouldnot’t-be-named who is hyped up for 6 movies just to show up and not even be able to defeat these little brats. I know he should be on the hated list because he is supposed to be some ultimate boss level villain but by the time he showed I was rooting for him to win. Talk about disappointment.