The 20 Best Children’s Television Shows (You Totally Forgot Existed) #20-11

In a day and age where Saturday morning cartoons are deader than Blockbuster, kids today no longer have an influx of television shows catered specifically for them. They obviously still have shows but there’s no where near as many as there used to be. Let’s honor the glorious past by digging deep in the cemetery that is children’s television to find some…gold? That metaphor doesn’t make any sense. Whatever, here’s 20 kids shows you totally forgot existed. (20-11)


20. Kablam!

The least obscure show on the list, Kablam! ran on the Nickelodeon network from 96-00 and was a hodge podge of different animated skits. Action League Now!, Life with Loopy, Skizz and Fondue and my favorite-Prometheus and Bob, which was about an alien teaching a caveman various things and 20 years later, It still makes me laugh.



19. Histeria!

While researching this show for this list, I discovered, much to my dismay, that this was not produced by Spielberg. For years, I incorrectly believed that this, along with Toonsylvania, were his only animated flops but I was wrong. Histeria! was a short lived educational show that very much wanted to be the next Animaniacs but i guess audiences didn’t care for any of the characters because it died pretty quickly.



18. Mummies Alive!

Mummies Alive! (Was every show in the mid 90’s obsessed with fucking exclamation points?) is fucking awesome. Why this show isn’t more widely known is a mystery to me. It’s a poor man’s Gargoyles and I’m not ashamed to admit i had this incredibly cheesy theme song memorized at one time.





17. Marsupilami

Marsupilami originated in a French comic all they way back in 1952. 40 years later, Disney used the character in an episode of their equally obscure show Raw Toonage. Apparently he was popular enough to warrant a spin off a year later. I remember nothing about the show other than the fact i watched it.



16. Mr. Bogus

Again, another show i remember nothing about but I know I watched it. Is he a goblin living in someone’s house? Some sort of magical anthropomorphic booger that’s some how gained sentience? I have no fucking idea. Now that I think about it, I’m probably getting this and Bump in the night mixed up. Who knows. It seems like the only thing separating popularity from obscurity is a memorable theme song.



15. Mother Goose and Grimm

This damn dog was everywhere in the early 90’s. It’s like everyone declared him the next Garfield and then proceeded to immediately forget he even existed. The public hasn’t turned on something that hard since Pauly Shore. Don’t worry Grimm, I still kinda like you buddy. Oh and I remember nothing about this show.



14. Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp

Most of you haven’t heard of this regardless of its obscurity simply for the fact that it was made in 1970 and most of you were born after 9/11. (Jesus. That not only makes me feel old but very sad) Lancelot Link is a chimpanzee. Who’s a spy. And it wasn’t animated. The 70’s were a crazy time.




13. Monster Squad

It’s a show where Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster and the wolf man teaming up to fight crime. Why is this not on its 45th season!?


12. Capitol Critters

This thing had a toy line. And MacDonalds Happy Meal toys. And it only lasted 10 episodes. I’m trying to figure out why anyone thought a cartoon about rats and bugs living in the White House would be a good idea. Kids don’t care about politics and adults hate vermin. This was a lose-lose scenario. Actually, now that I think about it, It’s not a bad idea, they just didn’t have the right President to pull it off. The time is now for a Capitol Critters remake.




11. Elephant Show

When compiling shows for this list, I came across the theme song and instantly remembered why I wiped this shows existence from my memory. It was like a Vietnam flashback. Not the theme song, the theme song is actually kinda catchy. No, this show has the second (the first is from a puppet show i refuse to name because just saying it’s name puts the song in my head and I don’t want it fucking my life right now) most ear drillingly catchy song in existence. It hooks right into your brain and refuses to leave. I’m talking of course about “Skinnamarink.” Canada’s way of saying “Fuck You” to every child that ever lived.