‘The Butcher’ in Development; A New Cannibal/Serial Killer TV Show

Crackle is developing serial killer Tv show called “The Butcher,“ written by Charles Burmeister. Gary Oldman and Douglas Urbanski will produce it.

“The Butcher is a modern story of one man’s epic investigation to find, hunt down, and kill a serial killer who lives among us — someone who is very human, but also beyond human. Along the way the story’s hero, a hardened Los Angeles homicide detective named Mitch Dixon, must uncover the mystery of who The Butcher is, how he operates, and come to terms with the unbelievable truth — that he has discovered the key to immortality, the price of which is consuming human flesh.”


The picture above is not from the show.

  • William Dhalgren

    Sounds interesting, but that featured image is freaking my ass out, Linda!

  • ResonanceCascade

    I keep holding out hope for Leo and Scorsese’s The Devil in the White City. Like, how the hell hasn’t that happened yet? Seems like such an obvious slam dunk.

  • If Gary Oldman stars, color me interested.

  • *blank stare*

    Seems like a bit of a renaissance in serial killer-type movies and TV shows lately. I think Mindhunter sparked that fire.