The Complete Works of Sailor Monsoon

Sailor Monsoon is the Head Reviewer at FilmExodus. His knowledge of film and television has no limits, and his reviews will constantly spotlight obscure or often forgotten cinematic delights. He’s also known for his Top 100 series, which generate numerous discussions about the rank and topic.

A lot of people requested a category for his works, so they could find everything he’s done. He has a category for his reviews, Monsoon-A-Day, but even then, you still must click until you find something you’re looking for. So instead, we’ve collected everything he’s ever done and put it all in one post, with links instantly transporting you to where you want to go. In what we’ll try to keep constantly updated, this is The Complete Works of Sailor Monsoon.



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  • sailor monsoon

    I accept

  • William Dhalgren

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

  • Tanis11

    I just wrote my first ever review and found that much harder then anticipated….this list is insanity. Great work man. Really enjoy many of your posts.

  • Haha that’s the only DVD I could read so it got picked. Haven’t seen enough Roseanne to really trash talk it.

  • Poppity

    I respectfully disagree with you on this one, Sir, but admire your fidelity! 🙂

  • His knowledge of film and television has no limits…..
    Im challenging @sailormonsoon:disqus to a match at WrestleMania!

  • sailor monsoon

    Good eye sniper

  • sailor monsoon

    I will never not defend cage.
    I think he’s one of the best actors working today

  • sailor monsoon

    Sailor is addicted to the over looked, underseen and the obscure

  • DropYourLinen

    Talkin’ shit about Roseanne, bruh?

  • Poppity

    You are one brave soul ….

  • Poppity

    Don’t be surprised if I actually comment on some of your old articles. Admittedly, I have not heard of a lot of the movies on your list. Where in the heck do you find these titles?

  • Poppity

    I don’t know, old habits die hard. I learned to write out stuff long-hand because even when I was in HS, all of our work had to be turned in that way. (There were no computers readily available.) The only time I used the typewriter was to do my college entrance applications and even then it wasn’t obligatory. I think I’d be lost without sitting in front of the PC. 🙂

  • Poppity

    The Where the Heart Is and Anywhere But Here double feature is the dead giveaway here. 🙂

  • Intriguing. Looking forward to it.

  • sailor monsoon

    Well after your director face off, I’m doing the 100 greatest directors

  • sailor monsoon

    That’s m’ladies collection of random dvd’s

  • I could do with a Top 10 Spielberg list as well. And more of your Underrated series. And more reviews.

  • Roseanne? More like junk amirite!

  • Actually writing on your phone isn’t as hard as you might think. Gets considerably easier when you get in the groove. I prefer it to the desktop when doing posts sometimes.

  • sailor monsoon

    I’ll watch anything with nic cage

  • Fight through the pain! I damn well know Bruce Willis and Nick Cage have some DTV movies worth reviewing!

  • sailor monsoon

    Oh and i was totally going to do a tobe hooper list like George Romero but the cartoon list took up too much of my time.
    This was supposed to be the easiest list and I’ve easily put about 15 hours into it.
    Stupid cartoons.

  • sailor monsoon
  • sailor monsoon

    But those are the worst bad movies!

  • You know what’s even crazier? THIS IS ALL DONE ON HIS FREAKING PHONE

  • TheGreenMalice

    This is great! Sailor’s hustlin’

  • and by shitty movie reviews I mean shitty movie… reviews not shitty…. movie reviews. Ah, you probably got it.

  • You just need to write shitty movie reviews on films with popular celebrities. You’d be surprised how many of those duds there are.

  • While you’re at it, add in a sidebar for the Roasts!

  • So frigging amazing! This is exactly what I was talking about! Adding this to the front page sidebar!

  • sailor monsoon

    Oh, the shitty movie watching never stopped.
    I just stopped reviewing them because no one read those reviews

  • 1) You’re welcome pal
    2) I think your personal top 10 was almost a precursor/trial run to your top 100 series
    3/4) Looking at this YOU realize how many bad movies you’ve watched

  • Made this for two reasons: 1) Sailor has a lot of stuff
    2) ya asked for it

  • Joshua Martyniouk

    Sailor totally deserves this!

  • j/k… You know I love ya

  • sailor monsoon

    Thank you kindly.

  • sailor monsoon

    1. Duke, this is amazing. I can’t thank you enough for the amount of time and effort you put into this.
    2. I totally forgot about my personal top 10 list. That kinda fell by the wayside.
    3. Man, that a cold night’s death review is atrocious.
    4. Xtro is still my favorite review

  • Kemosabe
  • TheDeadFellow