The Director of ‘Nightwing’ Wants Your Input, Because Fan Advice is The Best Approach

Also, apparently the Nightwing movie is still in the cards.

Director Chris McKay (The Lego Batman Movie), has reached out to fans on Twitter, requesting feedback for the casting process of the elder Robin.

Currently winning in the poll is “a badass martial artist,” because it only matters if the actor punches n’ kicks real good-like… (I actually selected that too).

Normally I’d consider polling like this a huge red flag, but The Lego Batman Movie was a lot of fun, and easily one of the best Batman films (comedy or not). I have faith in the director, and see his Twitter activity as building buzz more than anything.

Also of note: McKay has been teasing an announcement, so maybe the character is cast, and the poll is just a dirty, dirty trick.

I just wish they would clear up which of the 37 DC films are actually happening. Looking at you, Lobo.  

Via Screenrant