‘The Flash’ & ‘The Batman’ Aiming to Start Production This Fall; Ezra Miller Writing Own ‘Flash’ Script

It seems like the DC Extended Universe is finally finding its footing. Shazam! is earning rave early reviews from critics and sequels to Wonder Woman and Aquaman, arguably its two best-received entries, are in development. Now some updates on solo films for Batman and The Flash have been revealed. Let’s dive straight in.

The Batman

The Batman director Matt Reeves revealed on his official Twitter that he is hoping to begin filming the caped crusader’s next big screen adventure by the end of this year.

Additionally, Discussing Film is reporting that The Batman will take place in the ’90s and “revolve around Batman trying to crack a mystery which brings the hero back to his detective roots.” They are looking to cast younger versions of Bruce Wayne, James Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth, which honestly seems like a waste of JK Simmons and Jeremy Irons (it’s time for Warner Bros. to master that MCU de-aging, yo!).

The Flash

Oh man, what a troubled production this film has had. Once called Flashpoint, The Flash has raced past its original 2018 release date (back when the DCEU also had films for Cyborg and Green Lantern slotted for 2020) and is no looking to begin production this November. However, there is a chance a new actor could be portraying the Scarlet Speedster.

THR has revealed that Ezra Miller is writing his own “darker” script for Warner Bros. He has teamed with comics author Grant Morrison to draft a story that could keep him in the role.

Let’s explain. John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, who have been on board as directors since January 2018, want a more light-hearted Back to the Future comedic take on the character. Miller wants to take Barry Allen/Flash to the earlier, darker side of the DCEU.

Compromises between the two sides have apparently delved into WB hiring Miller and Morrison to draft a rival script that could be submitted to the studio as early as next week. If WB doesn’t like the script, there’s a good chance Miller will be out as the Flash. His holding deal on The Flash expires this May.

Are you excited for a ’90s set detective Batman? Would you rather see a light-hearted or darker take on the Flash?