The Orville, Doom Patrol, a pinch of Star Wars

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Hey Exiles and all you other crazy bastards out there. The Orville is in it’s second season, and just had a great 2 parter. Episodes 8 to 9.

Really quickly: The Orville has built itself it’s own universe, established great characters, and because of that great writing and world building. Seems they decided to skip the first 3 seasons of TNG (stay with me here) and go straight to a huge conflict that screams “Hey, fuck your dick and fart jokes, you took the bait. Now you’re invested, let’s shake it up and put everyone in a position to test their core values.”

Let’s break down what The Orville has done before Identity Part 1 and 2. (And I will obviously miss some TONS of things).

The whole divorce thing between Captains Mercer and Commander Grayson wasn’t stretched out and we didn’t get Moonlighting in space. And all romantic crap was used to drive the plot forward.

This was so great

Issac spent like seven centuries shaping a whole plante in 2 days relative time. You can’t forget that when you watch him in every scene.

They played with topical issues but built the characters, and made the choices believable.

They made a love work between Claire and a robot. With 2 kids. As someone pretty cool pointed out to me, even TNG couldn’t figure that out with Data.

But, I regress.

It’s a fucking fantastic two parter that makes you want to clap if you are a Star Trek fan. And clap for Seth MacFarlane and the whole production, because Hot Damn did they ever slap us with a trout tattooed with “THIS IS WHAT WE CAN DO”.

They even found a way to get Norm MacDonald on screen instead of being the voice of the goo pile known as Yafet. (Hey, it was a nice touch I enjoyed).

I really hope that The Orville goes 7+ season. It’s definitely worth checking out.


Now, on to Doom Patrol.

Holy crap. Berlanti. Johns.

Marvel found the formula for their films right away and stuck with it. DC has had a tough time, I grew up a DC fan through and through. I thought the comics were great and although Marvel had their share fare of gems, I was DC. Then a shift. Marvel films were more light hearted but had a core emotion in the through line. DC films were darker and had some of that emotional element but went for the grit. Did both companies do a 180 degree turn? Grant Morrisson’s run on JLA (however “juvenile” as it is”) is fantastic and fun and charming. But, then The New 52 happened. And Metal. And whatever. DC used to be bright. Marvel, grounded. Marvel is grounded now, DC is trying to relate their gods to the public, and ignoring great stories. They could have had Paul Dini, Bruce Timm and the team they created for the last 2 decades and really laid the foundation for something that would be the World’s Finest.

But, they experimented with multi billion dollar franchises. And you know the story. They make a lot of money but they don’t elevate the medium. (But, who really cares right? We’re all gonna die anyways so money.) Suicide Squad, Bvs, etc. So, that all happened but meanwhile Berlanti was doing The CW shows and fine tuning super heroes to a mass audience on a weekly basis. And now every corporation needs a streaming service so we have DC’s now. Launched befire Disney+, which is really weird but I’m thankful.

Anyways, the progression from The CW shows (which I have kind of given up again this last 8 months. I mean come on.) to Titans and now Doom Patrol is great. They’re going dark, sure, and Titans kind of fumbled during the beginning (and they really need to adopt the “every episode could be our last” mentality) but Doom Patrol takes the weird, takes the fun, takes the “hey this guy has a brain in a mechanical machine and the Justice League is a real thing and Cyborg is actually cool for the first time”. No offense to any actors who have played Cyborg. You’re given what you can work with.

Doom Patrol is fantastic. Watch it.

Star Wars, huh?

What’s the big deal with you fans. They’re making movies. Don’t be toxic. It’s a franchise run by a corporate machine. Yeah, maybe a regime change is necessary, but they all can’t have a Kevin Feige.

Life is short and we’re all gonna die, eventually. Be excellent to each other.

I mean, what does my name mean?
Don’t Be Mean Internet.

I have not watched any of Star Trek Discovery Season 2, the shorts or care to.

Ya’ll watch Barry? It’s fantastic.