Top 10: Favorite Movies

Y’all know me.
Know how i make a livin’
But you don’t know my tastes.
So everyday (or every couple of days. I’m lazy)
I’m going to make a list of my top 10 favorite things from movies to cereals to saturday morning cartoons.



10. Lost in Translation

I relate to this movie and i don’t know why.
I think the performances are amazing and it’s story is deeply moving to me.


9. Scott Pilgrim vs the World

I think everyone has that one movie they feel was made just for them.
This is that movie for me.
Not only is it endlessly quotable and has a killer soundtrack, it’s one of the best directed films of the decade.
It’s a masterpiece and the perfect example of how to adapt something almost beat for beat and still have it be yours.


8. One flew over the cuckoo’s nest

There’s not many films i consider to be perfect.
This is one of them.


7. The Life Aquatic of Steve Zissou

Everything about this movie is delightful to me.
From Willem Dafoe as Klaus.
To the Stop motion animation.
To the amazing cast.
This movie hits all the notes and i actually like owen Wilson in it.


6. The Iron Giant

Imagine a world where DC went to Brad Bird to direct Man of Steel.
Because anyone who’s seen The Iron Giant knows he already made a Superman movie.
The best superman movie.
The ending of this movie makes me cry twice every time i watch it

“Super Man”
“See Ya Later!”

I’m tearing up just writing the quotes.


5. Akira

It’s the first animated movie i saw that made me realize that the medium could be anything.
It didn’t need princesses or talking animals.
It could be used as a tool to tell unique and compelling stories aimed at older audiences.
It’s the Pulp Fiction of animated movies.


4. The Dark Knight

The best superhero movie
One of the greatest performances
Some amazing set pieces and i think it’ll be put along side movies like Godfather 2 and Casablanca as one of the best films of all time.


3. Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind.

Charlie Kauffman is the best screen writer working today.
Each film is more brilliant than the last but this one is my favorite.
It’s the best love story ever written.


2. Pulp Fiction

This is the movie that made me want to make movies.
I had never seen anything like it and it still blows me away that this only his second film.
Perfect in every conceivable way.


1. The Thing

When i was younger, my uncle’s would always tell me things about this movie.
Limbs falling off.
Heads getting ripped apart.
I honestly thought it was amusing that they kept the lie going for such a long time because i couldn’t fathom what they were telling me was true.
I couldn’t imagine a movie having everything they described being real.
Until i finally saw it.
They were house sitting and they rented 3 movies for me:
Monster Squad
Demon Knight
The Thing
I was younger so i watched monster squad first.
And loved it.
Then demon knight was next because i was a huge fan of Billy Zane’s.
Still love that film.
And then i decide to pop The Thing in.
And it blew my mind.
Not only did it live up to the hype surrounding it, it surpassed it.
The greatest horror ever Made is also my favorite film of all time.

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