Top 10: Favorite Video Games

Y’all know me.
Know how i make a livin’
But you don’t know my tastes.
So everyday (or every couple of days. I’m lazy)
I’m going to make a list of my top 10 favorite things from movies to cereals to saturday morning cartoons.

Video Games


Runner Up: Super Ghouls and Ghosts

Super Ghouls and Ghosts is a hard as balls side scrolling platformer where you play as a knight who has to rescue his lady from demons.
I don’t know why i love this game.
It’s stupid hard (I’ve never beat it) and apparently in order to officially beat it, you have to play through the entire thing twice.
So suffice it to say I’m never going to beat this.
It’s probably the soundtrack.
My love of this game is an enigma to me.
If i could understand why i even play it, It would make my list.


10. Geometry Wars

Play under pressure on repeat and play till your eyes bleed.


9. Fallout

I have a weird obsession with post apocalyptic stories.
They’re like cat nip to me.
Fallout 3 is not only a terrific post apocalyptic story, it’s one of the best crafted video games I’ve ever played.
You could also put New Vegas in this slot. I kinda love them equally.


8. Borderlands 2

Repeat everything i just said about Fallout and add 4 player multiplayer and the funniest video game script ever written and you have Borderlands 2


7. Call of Duty: Black ops 2
Mostly Zombie Mode

There’s better FPS’s out there, Hell there’s better Call of Duty’s out there but this was the one i played with my wife.


6. The Walking Dead

I love making decisions in video games.
The first game i remember giving me choice was Castlevania 3. After every boss battle, you had the choice whether to take 1 of 2 branching paths which would offer different joinable party members.
It blew my mind.
Flash Forward a couple of decades and the novelty of choice still hasn’t worn off.
You make some hard decisions in The Walking Dead. Decisions i still think about.

I also played this one with my wife.


5. Donkey Kong Country

Pure childhood nostalgia.
There was a bunch of games i loved growing up, usually involving an Italian plumber or a sassy hedgehog but for some reason, whenever i think about my favorite childhood game Donkey Kong Country offers the fondest memories.


4. Mario Kart Double Dash

I will destroy you at this game.


3. Final Fantasy Tactics

The first game I ever put over 100 hours into
(Not consecutively)
Picture Game of thrones as a Strategy game and you’re not too far off.

I beat it about once every couple of years.


2. Resident evil (Series)

I played through the first two games so much, i could play them blindfolded.
It was the first series i played that had scope, It felt like the story continued after i was done playing.
It continuously threw pennies into my imagination fountain.


1. Metal Gear Solid (Series)

The first game i was addicted to.
Where i memorized not only the layout of every stage, but knew the names of the voice actors.
It was the first time i realized games could be more than just saving a princess from a lizard or a gorilla.
It’s as influential to me as Pulp Fiction is to movies.
And i firmly believe Hideo Kojima is the Tarantino of video games.
This series is my Star Wars.

There’s my list.
Let me see yours or throw rocks at me because i left off kingdom hearts again.