Universal ‘Cats’ Gets A Crazy Cast Involving Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, Ian McKellen and James Cordon

The cats are out of the bag!

Cats one of the biggest musicals of the 2000’s is getting a movie by Universal and Working Title.

Universal plans to turn musicals into movies starting off with Wicked in 2019.

Todd Hooper is directing Cats

He is perfect to direct Cats!

Today Universal announced the cast for Cat’s and it’s a cast you wouldn’t expect but yet is so perfect.

Universal’s Cats will star Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen and James Cordon.

Jennifer Hudson has done musicals like Dreamgirls (2006). Hudson has an angelic voice and dances. She’s gonna nail this and is perfect for Cats!

Taylor Swift owns 2 cats and loves cats. (She’s a crazy cat lady!) She was last seen acting in The Giver (2013). Her voice is so delicate yet so powerful.

Ian McKellen was in Beauty and The Beast (2017) and James Cordon was in Into The Woods (2014). Two previous musicals that are perfect “auditions” for Cats!

I’m seeing this when it releases as it will be catastic or a total catastrophe. I loved Cats as a kid and I love Taylor Swift.

Production and Shooting on Cats starts in November and we should get a release date for Cats soon.