Universal releases the first teaser of the new Jaegers for ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’!

It has been 4 years since Guillermo Del Toro introduced us into the awesome and action packed world of giant robots fighting the Kaiju monsters in San Francisco with epic weapons! Ever since that film released fans of Pacific Rim have been waiting for a sequel.

Even though it wasn’t as successful domestically as it should have been but worldwide saved this film and made a sequel to Pacific Rim a reality! While Del Toro isn’t returning sadly this new cast and crew should make this film just as awesome and action packed as the first film was! It’s giant robots fighting monsters with epic weapons! What more could you want? It was the best movie of 2013 in my opinion! So glad we are getting a sequel to Pacific Rim!

Here is the first teaser for Pacific Rim Uprising featuring the new Jaegers and voiced by Gladdos from Portal 2!

The new and innovative Jaegers have a heavy video game style that reminds me of the Titanfall series which is a very good video game especially Titanfall. I like it! Wish there was a Pacific Rim video game. But still I like this style and I can’t wait for this movie

The CGI is unfinished but that’s expected since the movie comes out in 2018! So the CGI will improve a lot by the time the film releases so don’t worry about it looking fake or having bad CGI they will fix that by the time it releases.

The new Jaegers are…

A orange samurai Jaeger with 2 steel swords that I think are powered by future tech or Kajiu technology!

It still looks awesome and I can’t wait to see who pilots it and to see the big robot in action slashing monsters with 2 swords!

A tank Jaeger with hammer fist, a gun, and rotating spikes on it’s arms!

A Jaeger that looks like Blue Beetle.

A Jaeger that looks like Reinhardt!

A red Jaeger with 2 missiles on the back!

A updated version of Gypsy Danger piloted by Idris’s Elba’s son John Boyega who makes a robotic fists and it’s awesome! He tells us to join the Jaeger revolution and the teaser ends!

The Kajiu monsters will return and wreck havoc on the world so it makes sense to make new Jaegers with the latest technology!

The song in this teaser is perfect! Yeah I’m a beast fits with giant robots fighting Kajiu monsters!

Here is the website if you want to join the Jaeger revolution!


Remember if the Jaeger is piloted by a human that can mentally connect to it and if the Jaeger gets injued the pilot get’s injured as well! Also looks like the sword, the gun that takes way too long to charge and fire are back from the first film.

Pacific Rim Uprising comes out on February 23rd 2017!

What do you think of the new Jaegers?

Have you seen the original Pacific Rim and what did you think of it?

Are you excited for Pacific Rim Uprising?

Are you going to see it?

Do you think John Boyega can be a good actor and replacement for Idris Elba?

Will it live up to the original?

What new Kaiju monsters will the Jaegers be fighting next?

Will it be as action packed and badass and awesome as the original?

I’m Josh!

and I will see you guys soon!

Ninjago, Ninjago, Go!

Bye! Im going to pilot a Jaeger and destroy the Kaiju monsters!