Vincent Kane’s Favorite Horror Movies A-Z: Part 2 (G-K)

Here are my favorite horror films from each letter of the alphabet. These are simply my favorites and doesn’t necessarily mean I think they are the best. I picked them based on overall entertainment value and rewatchability factor, or in some cases, the only movie I would watch again before the others with some entertainment value. Looking at you X…

Feel free to share your favorite horror film from each letter, and let me know what you think of my picks. This time, letters G-K. Enjoy!

Previous Installments: Part 1 (A-F).

Gremlins (1984)

Favorite G horror movie, Favorite Christmas horror movie, one of my favorite horror comedies, and just a down right classic. Gremlins is an entertaining and silly comedy horror with a little bit of a nasty streak that you can watch with the whole family. The puppetry and practical effects stand the test of time while also having a great score. A gorgeous wintry Norman Rockwell type setting and the little mogwai’s are just freaking adorable.

Other contenders: The Gate, Get Out


Hereditary (2018)

An all-time performance by Toni Collette and film that was shot to near perfection has made this an instant classic and favorite of mine from 2018. The more you watch it the more you unlock and notice in the background. A drama about grief, guilt and family disguised in a horror movie.

Other contenders: Halloween (1978), Henry: The Portrait of a Serial Killer, House (1986)


In the Mouth of Madness (1994)

Another Lovecraftian type film that plays with your mind and emotions starring Sam Neill and one of Carpenter’s best. This mind-bending adventure takes a look at the pop cultural obsession and frenzy our society can go to. You like trippy movies? This one is for you.

Other contenders: Inside, I Saw the Devil


Jacob’s Ladder (1990) *Note: I didn’t realize I put Jaws on my other list, so I eliminated it here.

I love movies that mess you mind and make you say, “WTF is going on here?” Jacob’s Ladder was one of the first movies I remember watching and asking that very thing. It’s a nightmarish film that has you thinking about it long after you stop watching. Tim Robbins gives a top-notch performance with Elizabeth Pena holding her own while their scenes together really make the film.

Other contenders: Jason X, Jeepers Creepers


Krampus (2015)

Surprisingly, there are not a lot of horror movies that start with K and I have only seen seven of them. Krampus is a fun holiday horror the blends some scares and laughs. Think Gremlins meets Christmas Vacation but not as good as either.

Other contenders: King Kong, Killer Klowns for Out Space