Wes Anderson’s Next Movie Might Be a Post-World War II Musical Set in France

We all love Wes Anderson and his unique style, right? I mean, it separates him from the rest of the Hollywood norm. Well, after Isle of Dogs lit up this past summer, it seems that Anderson might have set his sights on his followup, and it will be a return to live-action.

According to The Playlist, Anderson will shoot his next film on location near Angoulême, France. Not much else is known about the potential project except that it will be set post-World War II and might have musical components. Color me intrigued.

An ex introduced me to the world of Wes Anderson and I have to say that although I was originally put off, he has a certain comedic/dramatic vibe that hooks you in along with his unique editing/directing style. I have only seen his 3 most recent works before Isle of Dogs (Fantastic Mr. Fox, Moonrise Kingdom, and The Grand Budapest Hotel), but he is definitely a director that I am interested in watching more of his works.

Are you excited for Wes Anderson’s next film?