What’s On The Grill? February 15 – February 21, 2018

Welcome to another What’s On The Grill? where this week’s watching gets condensed into smallish reviews by yours truly, then I invite you guys to do the same!

We’re back! The great Blank Stare is quite busy IRL, so I’ll be filling in until his schedule clears. It’s the same format!

Let’s begin, shall we?

Bosom Buddies – TV – ABC – Season 1 (1980-81) – B

Bosom Buddies isn’t exactly quality TV, but it isn’t dumpster trash either. In fact, over the course of the first season it has slowly grown on me. The humor is more Archer than say Seinfeld. I’m more likely smile and think “that was funny” than laugh out loud of their jokes. It is not hard to believe that this sitcom has managed to attract a devoted cult fanbase.

Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari make for an amusing pair. 80s Hanks is always my favorite version of the actor, and I am pretty sure this is my first time witnessing Scolari in action. Oh, and look up the opening credits for this show. They drag on for a good 2+ minutes.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol – Movie – Paramount – 2011 – AMission: Impossible has become the franchise that asks “What crazy stunt will Tom Cruise do next?” Well, it was Ghost Protocol where Cruise really kicked things up a notch by climbing the Burj Khalifa. It still remains my favorite stunt in the series (although Fallout looks extremely entertaining).

This franchise brought back instant fan favorite Benji (Simon Pegg) and brought Jeremy Renner on board as William Brandt. It also rejuvenated the M:I brand, in my opinion at least, being a critical and commercial success. If you haven’t seen this film yet, stop what you are doing and watch it right now!

Minutemen – TV Movie – Disney Channel – 2008 – A-

The film that caused riots in the comments. How was I supposed to know the Exiles hadn’t seen one of the best time travel movies ever made?! The Disney Channel Original Movies are filled with delightful cult gems that garner rewatches every year. Plenty of my friends gather around to binge the Halloweentown series every year (except the fourth entry, it doesn’t exist). Minutemen proves that I have always enjoyed time travel movies before my love for Back to the Future solidified it. I actually saw this film a good two to three years before ever watching BTTF as Kid Duke never picked up on any of the references (including the club being called the Back to the Future fan club).

It might be just a made for TV Disney flick, but it is damn enjoyable. And if I have to suffer with reviewing Nashville and Oklahoma! upon potentially losing a bet, the least Sailor Monsoon can do is watch Minutemen.

What about, you, Exiles? Have you seen anything that blew your socks off this week? Anything that made you think you should have read a book or gone outside instead?

Let us know what you have been viewing in the comments below!