YouTube Pop Culture Friday #1

Welcome to this new segment where I spotlight a new YouTube video(s) every Friday!

There’s so much interesting content out there about Movies, TV, Comics and just Pop Culture in general that deserves to be seen and discussed about.
I will try to avoid the most mainstream content, since this segment would be rather pointless if everybody already saw the video… but it won’t be a hunt for the obscure either, not everybody is “YouTube-savvy” and a lot of relatively popular content might be unknown to many of you.

In general, this is a very informal segment, I’ll just try to pick cool videos and hopefully you’ll come out of it with some new information/point of view, or at least entertained and with a smile on your face.


Without further ado, let’s get right to the first video, enjoy!

With all the gratuitous and ill-informed CGI bashing that has been in vogue for years now, it feels only fair to set the record straight: