YouTube Pop Culture Friday #10

YTPCF is back! This timely 10th edition will be mocking the Oscars, in “honor” of the just-released nominations for the 2018 Awards.

I initially wanted to keep this video for the week of the ceremony itself, but by that time we’ll surely all be sick of the constant Oscar coverage, plus FilmExodus will already be roasting the ceremony anyways.
So now seems as good a time as any to start having fun with and mocking the Awards ceremony and all the inevitable bullshit surrounding it.

Enough of the preambles and let’s get to it! This week’s video is made by ralphthemoviemaker, a quite young film buff who clearly draws a lot of inspiration from Red Letter Media. While I’m not his biggest fan, he does funny, insightful and overall respectable work that stands on it’s own and is worth checking out. The featured video is actually about the 2017 Oscars nominations, but it doesn’t matter at all, it works just as well now.