YouTube Pop Culture Friday #11

It’s Superbowl-time! Apparently.
As a non-American “not much of a sports guy”, I wouldn’t even know if it wasn’t for Pop Culture osmosis: I heard that the trailer for the new Han® Solo® Star Wars® movie will drop during the game… not that I’m interested in that either, I still couldn’t care less about that one.

Anyways, so what I gather from the Superbowl is that it’s commercials are just as big of an event as the match itself (for some reason), so I opted for featuring a video that remembers, analyzes and discusses weird and cool ads from the past. Seems relevant or something. I don’t know.
It’s made by the Nostalgia Critic, who I’m pretty sure needs no introduction, since he’s been a presence online and on YouTube for a long time. His style and energetic showmanship aren’t for everybody, but it’s undeniable that he has established himself as a respectable and hard-working creator. Plus, this particular running series is arguably one of his best, which probably explains why he made so many episodes… Enjoy this little 3 hour compilation!


As a little bonus, here’s the video that thought me what a “John Madden” is. It’s yet another AVGN video, and it’s one of his best episodes in my opinion: it’s hilarious and it actually has a rather sweet message about the similarities between “jocks” and “geeks”, and fandoms in general.


See you next week!