YouTube Pop Culture Friday #12

Hello Internet person! Hello you chill surfers! Hello online personas! Hello fellow humans! …?    Ugh… F*ck this…

(I’m trying and failing to introduce a dumb catchphrase…. Since I often struggle to introduce YTPCF, I figured always starting with the same dumb catchline would make it easier, but it’s just as hard and annoying to come up with that. )

Anyways, this week I’m featuring an online series called Internet Comment Etiquette. It has been online (and very underrated) for a long time, though I’m glad to see that it started to gain a bigger following this last year.
The show is quite hard to explain: every episode is about online content and comments surrounding a certain theme, and then everything just goes nuts from there. It’s probably best to see for oneself what this is about, so… Enjoy!