YouTube Pop Culture Friday #13: Black Panther

Black Panther really turned out to be something big huh? The hype and excitement certainly was palpable, and I was sure that it would be a hit, but this is doing massive Star Wars numbers! I certainly would have never expected that. Oh, by the way, Marvel’s latest origin movie made more in it’s opening week-end than Justice League did during it’s whole box-office run. Just felt like I needed to point that out: it’s fun to beat a dead horse, especially if that horse’s name is DCEU.

Anyways, to celebrate this I’ll be featuring a pair of videos to watch before and/or after seeing Black Panther.
First, let’s get into the long history of Wakanda and the Black Panther with ComicsExplained. This channel dives deep into the comics rabbit hole to spell it all out. I’m personally not a big fan of this type of content because I have a good enough general knowledge of the comic universes, and unless I’m reading the comics in question I don’t really care about all the details and minutiae of a certain element. I do recommend it though because I’m sure that others would enjoy it more, and it certainly is well made and researched content.

Second, for those of you lucky enough to have already seen it (which apparently is like everybody), here’s the usual “Easter Eggs and Things missed” video by Mr Sunday Movies, who I’m sure needs no presentation. Even if you don’t care about that kind of stuff, I’d still highly recommend you check it out:  in the end it’s not about the semi-informative content but all about the gags and nonsense that surround it… it’s how this channel works after all.

Plus here’s a bonus, for those of you that do need to know what Mr Sunday Movies is all about (spoiler alert: mostly irreverence and fun… and mid-life crises apparently):