YouTube Pop Culture Friday #4

Another week, another comic book related video.

What can I say, I’m a comics fan, and judging by the looks of the general Pop Culture landscape these last 10 years I’m not the only one, and it will always be a topical issue in the foreseeable future. What I’m saying is expect more videos about the subject, especially next week with the release of the much-anticipated (or much-dreaded?) Justice League.

Anyhow, this week I’m showcasing a video by NerdSync, one of the great comic book YouTube channels.
It retells the interesting and inspiring real-life story of how the famous “Superman vs the KKK” radio episode came to be.
I do miss these kind of clear-cut and old-fashioned stories about human values and heroism… in a modern comic book landscape where deconstructing the material seems to be way more important and prevalent than just embracing it, I feel like Superheroes are loosing what made them such universal and humane role-models in the first place.